After the mud, ACA beat TT anyway.

Ratings: Today Tonight may have nabbed all the media attention, but the viewers went to A Current Affair.

After all the mud-slinging at 6:30pm last night, A Current Affair defeated Today Tonight.

Nine’s show pulled 1.2m viewers to Seven’s 1.06m viewers. Seven only publicised its interview with the former escort at around 6pm, presumably to keep its opposition from return fire. But was it enough to maximise on its story, and indeed why did the show attract numbers lower than most nights anyway?

Despite this, Wednesday was a win for Seven overall.

Seven News (1.34m) topped the night and other performers included Australia’s Got Talent (1.00m), Home and Away in fourth in its timeslot (933,000), The Amazing Race Australia (883,000), Deal or No Deal (700,000) and The Price is Right (379,000).

Nine News was breathing down the neck of its opponent on 1.3m viewers. The Block won its slot on 1.28m viewers but thereafter Nine began to shed viewers with Big Bang (850,000 / 754,000), The Mentalist (592,000), RPA (473,000). Hot Seat was 716,000.

TEN had a pretty good night with MasterChef on 1.11m then Offspring lifting from last week to 930,000, TEN News was 823,000, The Good Wife was 511,000 and The Project 6pm was 450,000.

ABC News rose to 1.02m, followed by 7:30 (604,000), Wild Life at the Zoo (516,000), Randling (437,000), Agony Aunts (326,000), At the Movies (284,000) and the final Laid on a dreadful 219,000.

Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve premiered to 334,000 for SBS ONE with East to West on 239,000.

Neighbours was best on multichannels with 317,000.

Today: 371,000
Sunrise: 354,000
ABC News Breakfast: 59,000 / 19,000
Breakfast: 27,000

Wednesday 6 June 2012

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  1. H&A really needs to do something about it’s storylines to win the viewers back.It used to be a young adults version of the teen shows out of America,Canada and England back in the Eighties for the generation a little too old for them and could give them a run for the money.your Degrassi,90210,Saved by the Bell and Sweet Valley High certainly didn’t need a violence tough bad boy gang to get people to watch it back in the day.

  2. Honestly who cares for A Current Affair and Today Tonight.The Over 50’s and people who are unaware of the alternatives elsewhere are the ones who loyally stick by the show.I work Six Nights a week but on the Monday Off I’ll either watch an SBS Cooking Show,11’s Neighbours or 7 mates Scrubs.Far more interesting and definetly non bogan or feral.

  3. Who can blame Home and Away for Struggling.These days you are spoilt for choice with US Comedies and Cooking Shows on Digital TV amongst other things including reality shows unlike the nineties when all that existed was Seinfeld and Sale of the century for those of us not into the soap.I guess we have all grown up since that time.

  4. I can’t belive a show as amazing as The Amazing Race Australia is lossing in the ratings to a show as bad as Offspring.

    Wake up australia. Yes we have a lot of realrty tv but The Amazing Race Australia is amazing compared to the boring and repative relarty tv formats on tv right now like he voice, the block, australia’s got talent and masterchef .

  5. I mostly agree with @Rayne. We watch Today and just leave it on for most of the morning (though most of the content is very repetitive). ABC is really boring – can’t see why anyone would watch that and I don’t really like Ten’s new show.

    Funny that TT lost the night to ACA after that interview. Now ACA should show their interview with a reply to explain the whole thing.

  6. We usually watch Today when we get up to catch up on news but switch off after about half an hour. We’ve tried Ten’s show but find it abrasive and annoying. My husband can’t stand Kochie so that rules out Sunrise, and the ABC is so dry and dull.

    So back to the radio we go!

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