Airdate: Betty White’s Off Their Rockers

The Comedy Channel will screen candid-camera style comedy Betty White’s Off Their Rockers next month.

Based on a Belgian format, Benidorm Bastards, White heads up a cast of senior performers trying to prank unsuspecting younger members of the public. There are some amusing clips on YouTube already….

Foxtel will launch an Australian version of Off Their Rockers later this year.

Television darling Betty White hosts this hilarious hidden camera show which sees a pack of senior citizens plaguing the streets and pranking unsuspecting younger generations.

The gags are fast and furious, with the best reactions captured when Betty’s senior citizens show a little bit of their dirty side in front of their young targets.

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers is based on the hugely successful European format Benidorm Bastards.

Tune in to The Comedy Channel in July to see Betty White with her band of oldies crossing the generation gap and sticking it to the youth of today.

Tuesday July 3 at 9.00pm Comedy.

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  1. basslineperth

    love Betty White , shes fantastic but this show on the other hand is awful .. i made it through 2 episodes and couldnt bare to watch any more … not funny , bad pranks , punkd is bad these days but this is 20 times worse …

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