Airdate: Mrs. Brown’s Boys. Bumped: The Amazing Race Australia.

Changes are coming to Seven’s Wednesday night line-up.

The Amazing Race Australia to a new timeslot of 7:30pm Monday from next week, no doubt relieved that The Voice has ended its dream run.

Meanwhile outrageous new UK comedy Mrs. Brown’s Boys takes over in double episodes from 9pm Wednesday June 27th.

The show is rated MA for language -and doesn’t leave much unsaid. There’s bound to be a fair bit of chatter about this one, starring writer / performer Brendan O’Connell.

Follows the life of Ireland’s most foul-mouthed mother, Mrs Agnes Brown, and her attempts to keep her family in order. Agnes Brown has family troubles to contend with: her son Dermot has fallen out with Maria Nicholson, his long-term girlfriend Granddad is feeling poorly. After a sleepless night, Mrs Brown decides to try and sort out Dermot and Maria’s problem by giving Maria the benefit of doubt. But her heart-to-heart with Maria only succeeds in making the dispute worse.


  1. Seriously? They’re moving TARA again? Seven needs to pick a timeslot and stick with it. When they moved it to Thursday last week, it was a bugger to shift things around on the IQ planner, now I have to do it again for Mondays.

  2. Having received bits and pieces of this as email ‘funnies’ for some time, I won’t be watching. It’s just an updated version of so many tacky British comedies of the 60s and 70s. Nothing subtle or clever, just crude and yukky.

    Monty Python it ain’t.

  3. This move clearly points out that Seven never intended Amazing Race to go on Wednesday. It was without a doubt a move influenced by The Voice. Might do a little bit better on a Monday.

  4. Thanks for this David. I agree with Russell, I worry about it being up against The Block and Masterchef. It’s a shame because so far the Amazing Race has been an absolute ripper!

  5. So The Amazing Race Australia first four episodes will be on four different days of a week (for NRL states, Wednesday, Thursday, Wednesday, and now Monday).

    You really do need to be rocket scientist (or read TV Tonight) to keep track of these things.

  6. About time. I’ve been waiting for Mrs Brown’s Boys to air since it was announced that Seven had picked up the rights. I’ll give it to them, I thought they’d burn it off on 7Two or 7Mate. Glad they’re not.

    This is a show you’ll either love or hate. But from the moment I watched a clip on a friends facebook page I was hooked.

    Bring on The Mammy! I just hope they air series 2 back to back with series 1. Doubt they will though.

  7. Not usre about that timeslot. Up against the second half hour of The Block (massive) and MasterChef (big)

    I would have thought Mondat 9.30 after the huge Revenge would provide a better lead in.

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