Airdate: Photo Finish

Andrew Günsberg returns to television this week as the host of ABC's Reality series about amateur photographers.

Andrew Günsberg returns to television this week as the host of ABC’s Reality series about amateur photographers all trying to snap the best photo, through a series of challenges.

There’s no prizes in Photo Finish (it’s the ABC after all!) but this half hour series is engaging enough and may just motivate you to pick up a camera, other than the one that’s in your phone.

Günsberg’s name is also being whispered as a potential new host for The Voice in 2013.

Hosted by passionate photographer Andrew Günsberg (Australian Idol), Photo Finish is a unique series where, each week, three amateur photographers compete head-to-head in themed photographic challenges.

Equipped with the same camera, the time-based assignments are designed to test the photographers’ creativity and skills. A marriage celebrant, a prison officer, an actor, and a stay-at-home mum are amongst the 24 amateur photographers who take on a range of assignments.

To help decide the weekly winner, Andrew is joined by Anne Loxley, a curator at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and an expert judge from each genre.

In this episode, it’s a daunting prospect for the amateur photographers who will photograph a portrait of actor Vince Colosimo, businessman and philanthropist Dick Smith and performer Christa Hughes.

Competing for the best portrait photo is mother of two Nicole Wells, actor Jonny Nicolaidis and student Isobel Dunworth Markus.

Gary Heery is the guest judge and arguably Australia’s most successful portrait photographer who counts Madonna, Andy Warhol and Roy Orbison amongst his subjects. His advice is “don’t be afraid of them just because they are famous”.

8pm Thursday on ABC1.

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