Airdate: Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets

Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets is not a list determined by polls, inventors or a jury of judges.

These 100 “greatest gadget” are purely according to the whims of Stephen Fry himself, a rather lovely way of delving into his personality.

But it takes two specials to roll them all out in a kind of 20 to 1 style.

At #100 is the Karaoke Machine. The rest you can watch unfold…

Stephen Fry takes a nostalgic romp through the devices that have revolutionised our individual and collective lives, from the abacus and the umbrella to the Swiss army knife and the Walkman.

Actors, comedians, inventors and experts join the fun to celebrate gadgets we simply couldn’t live without.

They share memories of the difference these gizmos have made to their lives.

Fry has selected his 100 favourites – the ones he finds most attractive and clever, and his fellow guests both agree and disagree with his choices.

He shows how these ingenious little devices have made a world of difference to great and small events in time.

9:30pm Thursday 28 June ABC1 and concluding a week later.


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