Airdate: The Finder

Bones spin-off The Finder begins on TEN next week.

Described as a quirky, one-hour procedural it follows Geoff Stults (pictured, right) as ‘Walter Sherman’, an Iraq war vet who suffers a brain injury that triggers the ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated events, objects or people.

13 episodes aired in the US but it was not renewed by FOX.

It will begin at 9:30pm Monday June 25 on TEN.


  1. Great, loved it from Ep1. Kind of like a quirky Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) in ya face, work it out on my own, with the Hot US Marshall babe running around.
    Cool we like it.

  2. @Carringbush & David, yes there was a cross-over ep as part of the regular Bones season last season to set this up. That had Saffron Burrows, but she didn’t end up making the final show (I still don’t know why).

    @Belinda, yes, they finished NCIS:LA but no, they haven’t aired ep 20 or 22 of Hawaii 5-0 as yet.

  3. They must have shown one episode of this as I’m sure I’ve seen it. The setting is a bar on the edge of the everglades (or similar).

  4. Yes ok they’re airing it. But it got canceled after 13 eps. Where’s White Collar, The Glades, Wilfred, The Killing….They’re all currently airing new seasons or about to start..surely there’s a spot for each of these shows on either of Ten’s 3 channels.

  5. in the last 2 years it seems increasingly frequent that these axed shows are getting decent slots. its obvious why all the output deals are losing their value and the aus networks are not renewing their deals.

    @MuchoTB, ten didn’t ‘buy’ the show, it is made by fox. so they just got it in their preferences.

  6. I’m actually interested in watching this. Surely they could have given this an 8:30 slot instead of the Monday night NCIS repeat

    @Craig: They bought the program, they may as well air it

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