Australian Story: June 25

Australian Story profiles the late Diana Bliss, theatre producer and wife of Alan Bond across two episodes.

It will include interviews with family and friends, who reveal the private torment behind a more glitzy existence.

It is now four months since the sudden death of Diana Bliss created headlines around the world.

It was a tragic and unexpected end for a woman who appeared to ‘have it all’ crowned by an effervescent and positive personality.

She was married to her long time love, the controversial businessman Alan Bond. She lived through the highs of the America’s Cup victory and the disgrace of his imprisonment for fraud.

Living and working between London, New York and Australia as an acclaimed theatre producer, Diana Bliss won London’s Olivier award and six Tony nominations for her most successful production, Our Country’s Good.

Australian Story’s first exclusive with Diana Bliss aired in February 1997 when Alan Bond was jailed for the greatest corporate fraud in Australian history.

Now the program looks at her 30-year relationship with Bond featuring exclusive new interviews with family, friends and those closest to her, who speak about her descent into depression and the shock of her death in January.

The edition features never-before-seen footage, interviews with Diana Bliss and photographs from private family albums. Part one includes footage from the recent invite-only ‘Tribute to Diana Bliss’ at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

It was a long way from the quiet country parsonage where she grew up. Her long time friend Johanna Johns says Diana was ‘just a simple Australian girl and she led a very very complicated life’.

In this two part special, her family and friends tell her story and reveal the extent of the private torment behind the glittering existence.

Beings Monday, June 25 at 8pm on ABC1
Concludes Monday, July 2 at 8pm on ABC1

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