Axed: The Game Plan (AFL)

TEN has axed its AFL panel show The Game Plan, which airs on multichannel ONE.

The last episode will air Thursday, June 14, with TEN set to move Before the Game into the timeslot later this month (update: on TEN in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth).

Hosted by Mark Howard, Wayne Carey and Scott Cummings, The Game Plan will has been airing since March 2011 with discussion, commentary and guests. It managed to survive the network losing AFL rights last year, but now is set to vanish.

No word yet if TEN also plans to ditch itsĀ NRL version of The Game Plan, also part of ONE’s line-up.


  1. News that NRL Game Plan is moving to Ch10 main channel suggests they are very eager to have some piece of the the new rights. I heard Benny Elias on abc radio proposing that the NRL should buy into the Ch10 network and on sell the rights on short term contracts and different packages for Origin etc. Interesting few months ahead.

  2. Read this morning that 10 are moving the Game Plan NRL from One to the main channel.

    Surprising. It recently dropped from 90 minutes back to 60 minutes so i thought it was on the nose. Dissapointing as it will be back to SD. One of the reasons i liked the game plan was that it was in HD.

  3. A lot of league fans enjoy the nrl version, it is way better than the footy show, and with 10 wanting the rights i cant see it getting the axe. I watch it but find it very sydney centric .

  4. David, how has BTG been rating in Melbourne? Is it down on last year perhaps?
    I’m suspecting they may pre-record The Project to give them more studio turnaround time…
    Maybe also moving Graham Norton to 9.30 Thursdays would be a start move as well…

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