Bollywood dreams in sight

Tonight the four remaining contestants in SBS’ talent search Bollywood Star will learn their fate.

One will be offered a role in a movie by Mahesh Bhatt.

23 year old Gautam a.k.a. ‘G-Luv’ is hoping it will be him. He is the last male standing, competing against 3 females.

On screen Gautum is super-confident, a self-confessed alpha-male whose burning ambition is to make it in the Indian film industry. Off-screen he’s no different, as he explained to TV Tonight.

“Since I was a child I’ve always watched Bollywood films and they’ve heavily influenced my life in terms of dancing and acting. When I ws young I didn’t really have any friends. I was bullied a lot and Bollywood was the one thing that was my source of entertainment,” he said.

“It inspired me and I started getting into acting and dancing.

“When this opportunity came up it was perfect for me because I am an artist. In the Bollywood industry they heavily rely on contacts and networks. If your parents are actors you can get into the industry. So when this opportunity came up it was based on your skill level.

“I knew I had the skills, I knew I had the talent. I’ve been practicing a lot and I knew it was going to do well in this competition. So I auditioned and it went pretty well.”

Yes he’s the shy, retiring type. But Bollywood produces so many films. It can’t be easy to be heard.

“I do Bollywood dancing, hip hop dancing and acting. It is a hard market to crack into, especially if you’ve got that Bollywood touch. But this opportunity was perfect for me. It was exactly what I needed and it worked out well.

“The hardest part was impressing the judges. Dipti does dancing, Raj is a photographer and Anupam is more of an actor. So you have to take care of three different areas.”

So has he tried his luck in other performance Reality shows?

“I did audition for So You Think You Can Dance and I did really well in 2009 and it aired in 2010. I did pretty good, I made it up to Choreography. I knew I had the dancing talent, but the acting talent was one thing I had to work on,” he says.

“While I was at University I worked on my acting, so when this opportunity came along I knew I would be able to impress the judges in terms of acting, physique and dancing. I had it all.”

Part of the challenge in participating was shooting the episode and having to keep the details quiet. Gautum already knows who wins, but isn’t giving anything away.

“It’s really hard. But I just have to keep it a secret. I just want people to watch the show.”

Bollywood Star final airs 7:30pm tonight on SBS ONE.


  1. Glad that Teigan won. She and the other two girls were fantastic. G-Luv…not so much. Really enjoyed this show. Hopefully there will be another series.

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