Clearly Lara Bingle doesn’t watch 7:30…

I’m guessing Lara Bingle doesn’t watch 7:30.

If she did she would have noticed a story last week about an epidemic of nicotine addiction amongst children in Indonesia.

That may have prevented her tweeting a photo of children smoking in Guatemala with the words, “Poverty stricken but still cool as f-#*k”.

After getting a quick lesson on why it wasn’t so cool, the tweet was quickly deleted.

Bingle’s new management, Tailor Made Communications, were quick to release a statement about the incident.

“In essence, Lara felt the imagery was beautiful, but after reflection and understanding of people’s feedback and comments, Lara decided to pull the image down,” the statement read.

The picture is a 1989 postcard by portrait photographer Hans Namuth.

It’s pretty obvious from watching Being Lara Bingle that she isn’t very bright and those around her guide her through media events as best they can. Whether this makes for smart TV (or even good car crash telly) is another question.

Maybe she can use her celebrity status to lend some support for nicotine addiction in third world countries now? I’d watch that episode…

Lara can watch the 7:30 story here.


  1. I think Sifter has got a good point. I don’t think it’s the main point of Being Lara Bingle, but it appears to have become the point of tall poppy-ism. If it was anyone else, someone who perhaps might be not well off, disadvantaged, then most people here would be sympathetic- “They don’t know better.” But because Bingle has had the luck to be photogenic, in the right place at the right time to score the Australian Tourism ad, and then get embroiled in several scandals, I get the feeling that many people think “she deserves it”.

    I’m not defending her ignorance- that’s probably the under-intended consequence of the series. And as the series goes on it’ll probably become more obvious. And I think it’ll feed into the sense of superiority that viewers will have over Bingle, and make legitimate words like “stupid”, “moron”- not on her actions, but on the person herself.

  2. “Is anyone else sick of hearing from media managers sending out press releases about their celebrities miss-tweets?” Yesss! If I had tweeted what Lara did, no one would have given 2 tosses. You people out there are the problem – every time people react to ‘celebrity’ tweets you are just encouraging more celebrities to tweet stuff. Ignore them and you won’t ever hear about them! Trouble is our society needs something to be angry about, to make us feel like ‘good people’ for being better than someone else. That’s how the greenies got so popular for a while, and now the gay marriage lobby or Christianity to go the other side of the ledger. If we weren’t so damn insecure we’d be able to ignore stuff like this from Lara.

  3. Of course Bingle is quite stupid, not to mention rude, obnoxious and amazingly self involved. I told myself I would watch every episode until it was cancelled, I’m getting a little worried. I had four episodes pencilled in, I thought it would at least be a entertaining car crash, but alas it is a terrible bore. Have to say that I will be very disappointed in the Australians with ratings boxes who continue to watch. Come on everyone get the bimbo below 500k next week.

  4. I’m sure I saw tonight in a promo for next week’s LA episode Lara parading around in what looked like blue and white pyjama thingies with stars of David on the chest. Que??

  5. @Sydney2k, one might wonder why she (and others) decide to do an observational show and not be aware of the positives and negatives.

    Mind you, I am still dumbfounded on 2 counts –
    Open blinds,wall to ceiling glass
    Not knowing you don’t have a licence

    • Of course not. It’s one thing to have a reasonable response to an observational series that asks us to engage with the central character, it’s another thing to get into attacks.

  6. To say Lara isn’t very bright is to put it very mildly indeed! However, it should be noted that as lacking in intelligence as she is, Lara is considerably brighter than anyone who watches her TV show.

  7. Secret Squirrel

    I caught the last 5 mins or so of a repeat of Lara Bingle while waiting for Dollhouse to start. Whilst my feeling toward this type of program are generally negative, they were pretty neutral toward Bingle herself.

    However, after seeing and hearing how she behaved in that short time, I’m left with the impression that she is extremely self-centred and irresponsible. I’m sure that having paparazzi follow you around all the time is annoying and intrusive but she appears to be the cause of most of the problems in her life, from losing her driving license yet again to allowing herself to be photographed while standing naked next to a front-facing patio window.

    The rest of her family seem like perfectly normal, nice people. Perhaps she’s adopted?

  8. I have watched two episodes of BLB and I have to agree with you, Lara’s problem is very straightforward – she is simply not very intelligent. I doubt whether she would have much awareness at all of the ABC and next-to-no idea about programs like 7.30 Report or Four Corners. Things like that would not appear on her radar at all. She’s a stereotypical Sydney party girl through and through, I’ve known heaps of women like this and they are usually shallower than a rain puddle and hopelessly self-centred. .

  9. jezza the first original one

    I only get to watch about 10 mins of Lara as my wife and daughters make me switch channels…not fair…dunno what they are trying to tell me…Love Lara’s intellectual capacity

  10. Of course Lara wouldn’t have watched it. She probably doesn’t even know her ABC’s let alone know there’s a network called ABC.
    Don’t watch it, but all the ads make her seem like a complete moron, whhich i suspected anyway. Why would she agree to the show, and why would Ten want it?

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