Diamond Jubilee Concert and Eurovision one more time

Two big musical events you can catch again if you missed them...

Two big musical events you can catch again if you missed them… and both were very entertaining.

Nine will repeat the Diamond Jubilee Concert on GEM at 1:25pm Saturday June 9th.

Meanwhile, SBS will also be replaying the Final from the Eurovision Song Contest at 1pm Saturday June 23.

If you’re in the mood there is also a special on Amazing Azerbaijan 8:30 pm Friday June 22 on SBS TWO.
This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was held in Baku in Azerbaijan. The oil and gas-rich former Soviet Republic secured the contest after winning the previous year. When the President of Azerbaijan declared the victory a national achievement, he offered the nation up to the harsh glare of the international spotlight, for better or worse. This documentary tells a tale of two countries: one a shiny democratic republic the government proudly puts on display for visiting journalists and dignitaries, the other a repressive and corrupt land with no respect for freedom of expression or assembly.

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