Diamond Jubilee Concert lights up London

A roll-call of stars, excellent production values and a sea of happy Brits -the Diamond Jubilee Concert was a real treat.

Last night’s Diamond Jubilee Concert from the UK was a real treat.

A roll-call of stars, excellent production values and a sea of happy Brits. The concert made up for the poor broadcast of the River Pageant on Sunday.

It had Kylie and Sir Rolf, Sir Paul, Sir Tom and Sir Elton, Dame Shirley, Annie Lennox, Gary Barlow, Stevie Wonder and more. Only one or two seemed a bit challenged by it all (sorry, Sir Cliff).

Imaginatively staged before Buckingham Palace, there were Union Jacks and merry Londoners as far as the eye could see, all there to pay their respects to a very regal Queen Elizabeth II, who barely showed her emotions.

Lighting up the Palace with projections was inspired stuff, best used as Madness sang atop the roof.

It all came to a climax as Prince Charles gave a witty speech at the end before a rousing version of God Save the Queen.

The Brits really know how to do this stuff well and I’m tipping Nine lands a big ratings win for this one today.

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  1. No I must disagree. The Federal Government should not give the ABC any more money just so that it can have more bidding power because unlike commercial networks, it does not recoup any of the money its given. More money being spent on the ABC is a waste and is unnecessary when one of the other networks can have it and get the money back from the Ads.

  2. If ABC did not have the rights, it should have bid for it if it had the money. The Federal Government’s budget constraints means the ABC does not have the money to bid for the rights to special events such as this.

  3. Nine’s gain was ABC’s loss really, the ABC let a golden opportunity to attract younger viewers slipping away. I saw parts of concert on YouTube, various news websites, and finally Nine, and it was actually very good, but it was spoilt by the amount of ads on Nine (the concert finished 35 minutes over time, at 11.50pm). The ABC could have shown the concert live on ABC2 in early morning, then replay it on ABC1 in primetime. A 8pm start for the replay meant ABC1 would still have made it to the start of the coverage of the Royal Procession.

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