Diamond Jubilee Tattoo update

7TWO has rescheduled The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Tattoo to Tuesday -now against Nine's concert and Live ABC coverage.

7TWO was due to air the The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tattoo yesterday but it has now been rescheduled to 7pm Tuesday night.

This event took place at Windsor Castle on May 14.

Unfortunately the rescheduling puts it head to head with Nine’s Diamond Jubilee Concert, plus Live coverage from the UK on ABC.

Join Her Majesty the Queen at the magnificent private grounds of Windsor Castle for a ceremonial extravaganza that pays homage to Her Majesty’s tireless international service during her 60 years as Sovereign. Encapsulating the theme ‘The World Comes To Windsor,’ acts from all around the world appear in an all-star line-up for Her Majesty the Queen, including performances by Susan Boyle, Il Divo and leading actors from the West End smash hit Disney’s The Lion King. Narrated by Dame Helen Mirren and Martin Clunes.

7pm Tuesday on 7TWO.

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  1. I agree with Bella…they should have left it on last night….I was annoyed with the change…and yes…I also want to watch the concert….
    And it would have rated better also I believe…it will struggle with everything else …current ..that is on.

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