Finale battle: The Voice vs Dancing with the Stars

It will be a face-off of gargantuan proportions.

Nine’s Grand Final of The Voice is going head to head with Seven’s Grand Final of Dancing with the Stars.

Both shows will air on Sunday June 17th.

Seven has scheduled a live 3 hour finale for Dancing with the Stars from 6:30pm, followed by Castle at 9:30pm. Downton Abbey is out for the night.

Nine meanwhile has The Block at 6:30pm followed by a two hour finale for The Voice at 7:30pm. But while the talent show has its “Grand Final” the winner won’t actually be announced until a 90 minute episode the following night, Monday June 18th.

Nine is understood to have ordered one extra episode for its hit series to capitalise on the show’s huge success.

With The Block and The Voice Nine is likely to have the edge for the night. That’s the way to set up another winning week.

Maybe Seven could hit back with Downton Abbey at 9:30pm if it wants to win the night?


  1. They don’t share the same audience so they probably compliment each other in the end. Dancing skews much older and don’t have the youthful “coolness” of The Voice. Guess we’ll wait and find out!

  2. Downton should remain at 8.30pm or really 8.40+pm. So it’s better they skip a week. I just hope SBS will have something worth watching instead. If not them then someone else. I like Castle at 9.30pm. So good decision keeping it there. Thank you.

  3. I watch both shows but The Voice will slaughter dwts. The Voice will get 3 milliont to dwts 1.3 million tops. All the big personalities have gone from dwts. The rest with Fev being the exception, are rather dull.

  4. I don’t watch much reality tv, but I do watch these two shows….No David, I’ll be happy if they leave Downton until the next week.

  5. Considering DWTS lower ratings this year I don’t think Seven should drag out the finale, just keep it to two hours for a higher average and stick with the high ratings Downton Abbey at 8:30pm

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