Foxtel to renegotiate movie deals

Speculation today that Foxtel is looking to deal directly with Hollywood studios when its deal with the Movie Network and Premium Movie Partnership expires at the end of the year.

The two supply channels such as Movie One, Movie Extra, Showcase and Showtime.

The Australian reports that Foxtel could abandon The Movie Network, which supplies it with films from Warner Bros, Disney, MGM and Village Roadshow studios, and attempt to deal directly with the studios.

PMP is owned by Universal, Sony Columbia and Twentieth Century Fox.

Foxtel is understood to have begun negotiations in Los Angeles last week, but studios are mindful of IPTV opportunities.

In its takeover of Austar, Foxtel also undertook to the ACCC not to seek exclusivity for movies from more than 50 per cent of the major studios.

Foxtel declined to comment.


  1. I don’t subscribe to these channels because 1 they are too expensive and 2 they repeat the movies way too often. I wish you could pick and choose your channels for a certain price with Foxtel and Austar instead of all these “packages”. I only watch 1/3 of channels in the basic package and the only other package i have is sports because well its the main reason i subscribe to them in the first place. I would really prefer it to be able to choose my channels. Even if there was a minimum requirement of say 20 channels it would still be a lot better this way but never going to happen.

  2. Love a good stoush with the Hollwood studios! One thing is for sure … they always follow the money trail and they know that Foxtel is stagnant at 30% penetration and can’t deliver them growth. IPTV will rip market share off Foxtel and the studios will chase this safe in the knowledge Foxtel can’t afford to loose half the movies.

  3. Movie Network needs Foxtel, way more than Foxtel needs Movie Network.

    If anything, there needs to be a merger between the two movie platforms (or simply a reworking of movie packages for, Foxtel), as currently, most subscribers have to choose (after all, not everyone is a platinum subscriber), which movie package they want: (i.e. choosing between Movie Network or Showtime)

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