Inside the Actor’s Studio: Brad Pitt

After declining an invitation in 2004, Brad Pitt goes one on one with Mr. James Lipton.

Brad Pitt goes one on one with Mr. James Lipton for Inside the Actor’s Studio on BIO next week.

Pitt had previously declined an invitation by Lipton to appear on the show on 2004.

As well as a chat about his career, he is set to spill the beans on his bromance with George Clooney.

But what’s his favourite curse word…..?

In July Inside the Actor’s Studio will also feature Johnny Depp and the cast of Mad Men.

James Lipton has sat down with almost 200 of the world’s most accomplished artists – from actors and directors to musicians and comedians. Lipton has inspired his guests to open up and confess their deepest thoughts about their craft. Join us on Bio.

9:30pm Monday on BIO.

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