Just 0.1% separates Seven and Nine for the win

It all went down to Saturday night, with sport the deciding factor. But Seven snatched a win from Nine last week by just 0.1%.

Just 0.1% separated Seven and Nine Networks in Total People last week, with Seven snatching a win from its main rival.

After Friday night Nine was in front by 0.7%, but sport became the deciding factor with AFL pulling a much bigger crowd on Seven than the Wallabies did on Nine.

Seven Network was 29.3% to Nine 29.2%, TEN 19.7%, ABC 16.8% and SBS 5.0%.

While Nine was first on primary channels, its under-performance on Gem has also cost it the week.

Nine’s primary channel was 23.4% to Seven 21.7%, TEN 14.0%, ABC1 12.6%, SBS ONE 4.0%.

7TWO was 4.0%, then 7mate 3.7%, GO! 3.5%, ELEVEN 3.3%, ONE and ABC2 2.4%, Gem 2.2%, ABC News 24 1.2%, SBS ONE 1.0% and ABC3 0.6%.

However Nine easily won the key demos again 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven’s strongest performer was Seven News (Sun: 1.55m, weeknights: 1.31m), Downton Abbey (1.5m), Revenge (1.33m), Dancing with the Stars (1.18m), Packed to the Rafters (1.15m), and Today Tonight (1.1m).

The Voice was again #1 with (1.89m), then The Block (up to1.81m), Nine News (1.64m, weeknights: 1.21m), 60 Minutes (1.47m), Diamond Jubilee Concert (1.09m), and ACA (1.07m).

MasterChef was best for TEN (up to 1.33m), then Modern Family (1.01m), Offspring (949,000), Bikie Wars (928,000) and TEN News (728,000).

On ABC1 it was ABC News (Saturday: 985,000, weeknights: 982,000), Death in Paradise (957,000), Silent Witness (794,000), Australian Story (778,000), Gardening Australia (711,000) and How to Grow a Planet (698,000).

Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve was 333,000 for SBS ONE, with Heston’s Feasts on 314,000 and Insight 275,000.

Seven ranked first on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday while Nine won Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. ABC bettered TEN on Monday and Saturday.

Seven won Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth whilst Nine won Sydney and Brisbane.

Photo: Herald Sun

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  1. Maybe they could go after older viewers with GEM if they want more of them. Maybe look at what worked in the 20th Century and see what they have the rights to. Maybe before the news mention what’s on that night for both Ch 90 and 9 . I’ll admit I don’t watch the news so I don’t know if they do that. It might take awhile for it to work. If it does.

  2. 0.1% for advertisers is not very much and considering that nine also won the key demos, they are a more advertiser friendly choice at the moment. It’ll be interesting to see what happens after The Voice and The Block finish (but the the olympics and big brother are still to come).

  3. I’m pretty sure this is the first time ever that a network has had the #1 and #2 digital channel. But I think 7 would be disappointed with their main channel, this non-origin week was a good chance to make up some ground 0.1% won’t go far.

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