Justin Bieber returning to Sunrise

Bieber-mania is headed back to Sunrise.

After headline-grabbing hysteria enveloped his 2010 appearance, the Canadian popster is due to return to the Seven show in July.

The Biebster will be in Australia from 15-18 July for a promotional visit and some cool-Kochie questions.

Sunrise is yet to reveal the date of its next outdoor concert / CBD lockdown but it will probably be a school night….


  1. Butterfly Carnage

    I’m sure Kochie called him a “spoilt brat”. I didn’t think Kochie’s was a great judge of character, then again, even he can have a day off.

  2. Julian, you know that you put the words “Sunrise”, “fresh”, and the term “in line with the trends” in the one sentence, yeah?

  3. Cannot stand Bieber.
    Letterman mocked him about his tattoo last night and ridiculed his lack of history knowledge it was .classic..so hope Kochie is man enough to do a similar thing..

  4. Why doesn’t Today try to get him as well…mornings like these always kill it in the ratings – and it doesn’t help the image of Today…(Sunrise always looks more fresh and in line with the trends).

  5. Will be watching a replay of the Wimbledon Men’s singles final and a couple of Super Rugby/NRL games that morning. The footy is more important.

  6. The best option for 7, is to convince Bieber to fly into Australia early. That way they can have Sunday 15th, as the big event for Sunrise: as there will likely be people flying in from interstate to see the concert.

    The second factor is a venue: The only place I can see Sunrise holding a event of this magnitude (while learning the mistakes of 2010), is the Domain (which is only 3 blocks from Martin Place), using the portable stage used for Carols in The Domain.

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