Kerri-Anne: “I will do it the way I want to.”

Kerri-Anne’s fighting spirit came out yesterday when she was asked about delaying her treatment to appear on the finale of Dancing with the Stars.

She told Matt White on Today Tonight:  “I’m taking it very seriously. Within virtually 7 days I’ve done everything that’s appropriate.

“I made sure I got the best advice as quickly as possible. I’ve had the right tests a couple of tests, the right biopsy. Booked in everything. I’m not mucking around with this. I don’t muck around.

“This is serious and anybody who would even vauguely suggest I won’t take it seriously is probably nuts.

“I will fight to have the attitude I want. And I won’t have anybody tell me how I should think, how I should act. I will do it the way I want to.”


  1. I just realised how little I care what other people think about how anybody chooses to handle a life-threatening illness. Sadly, it wasn’t before I read their comments.

  2. Cancer does not let you ‘do it the way I want to’ you foolish woman

    Whilst I am sorry she has been diagnosed and wish her all the best, why did she feel it was necessary to tell every media outlet in Australia?
    I much prefer the way Jennifer Saunders handled it and my mother!

    • Kerri-Anne told one media outlet which was New Idea. The rest all wrote their own copy, or in the case of TT came to her. She already explained her choices, so I think it’s better that we wish her well rather than draw conclusions based on select information. As I previously wrote, she is also the patron of cancer charity Look Good, Feel Better and better armed with information and support than many.

  3. Foolish woman. Fancy delaying, even for a day, a life saving operation/treatment. I’ve been in her position and understand how important it is to treat the problem immediately.

  4. steve sydney

    Good for her

    It’s not as if she said she’d rather party than live… she’s probably been a ‘control freak’ throughout her career and life and wants to decided when to go through what is to be a big and invasive surgery.

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