Lily Serna is Numeracy Week ambassador as Letters & Numbers disappears

The final episode of Letters & Numbers aired on Wednesday night, after SBS opted to “rest” the format.

It pulled 140,000 viewers for its final episode, which is typical of many episodes.

Tonight SBS replays panel show ADbc until Daily Highlights of the Tour de France take over on Monday.

The axe for the show comes in the same month that the Federal Government named Lily Serna as one of 2 Numeracy Ambassadors for National Literacy and Numeracy Week, August 27- September 2nd.

The timing couldn’t be worse.

Viewers are still angry over SBS’ decision, leaving plenty of comments on the show’s Facebook page.

On his blog word guru David Astle described it as “a blow for local, brainy TV. Thanks for all your kind words and loyal viewing. Keep your English elastic.”

Serna will re-appear in SBS food / travel show Destination Flavour.


  1. @Zambora.. even if they could, why would TEN replace a programme that rates about 400k at 6pm (The Project), and popular in their core demos, with Letters & Numbers that only averaged 150k at best? Makes no sense and would definitely not help sort anything at TEN..

  2. @zambora – unfortunately a commercial network would never air such an intelligent show.

    Game shows on commercial networks seem to be all about hug sets, huge light shows, big prize money or major product placement.

  3. Ten should pounce and grab this show.
    It would help solve their 6pm onwards problem.

    Letters & Numbers 6pm
    Neighbours 6-30
    The Project 7 pm

    Neighbours is wasted on 11.
    The Project seems more at fit with 7pm

  4. i also find it a silly decision that SBS decided to ”rest this show”. Sure, it can have a rest for this month while the Tour De France Highlights Package Show is on, but can’t it return once its finished?

    Silly, SBS. Just silly!

  5. “Serna will re-appear in SBS food / travel show Destination Flavour”

    Because SBS doesn’t have enough food/travel shows already?

    Hopefully L&N will come back at some stage

  6. Its a shame to see it go. I really enjoyed it and playing along.

    They said at the end that Countdown starts Monday 30 July at 5:45pm which is a really odd starting time. I can only presume its an hour format in the UK and it needs to tie in with World News.

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