Malaysian group buys out Hi-5

Perhaps Hi-5 will help pay off Nine’s debt…

The Australian reports the long-running kid’s troupe has been sold by Nine Network and Southern Star Entertainment for an undisclosed sum to Malaysian private equity group Asiasons Capital.

The act was established by Helena Harris and Posie Graeme-Evans (McLeod’s Daughters) in 1998, but sold their Kids Like Us production company to Nine and Southern Star in 2008.

The franchise now includes the TV show, music albums, British and US spinoffs, concert tours and merchandise.

Hi-5 has screened to more than 118 countries with a global audience eclipsing five million people.

Humphrey probably knows how they feel…


  1. Really Sad.I have seen the ones they have in Malaysia and the kids love it.Nine seem to invest a lot in Things like Big Bang Theory or Top Gear episodes done to death a million times over at the expense of kids shows.It’s a disgrace to say the least What would Kerry Packer think from beyond the grave.

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