Masterchef: All Stars take on the Olympics

MasterChef former contestants are headed back to the kitchen for an “All-Stars” event set to air on TEN during the competitive Olympic period.

Returning are favourites: Julie Goodwin, Poh-Ling Yeow, Chris Badenoch and Justine Schofield from Season One, Callum Hann, Marion Grasby and Aaron Harvie from Season two and Kate Bracks, Dani Venn, Hayden Quinn and Kumar Pereira from Season Three.

Absent are Season Two winner Adam Liaw and Series Three runner-up Michael Weldon.

The All-Stars version will launch after the season four finale and air for three weeks revisiting challenges from previous seasons as contestants raise monies for their favourite charity.

Chief Programming Officer, David Mott, said: “The Olympic period is perhaps the most competitive time in television this year and we have no plans to take a back seat.

MasterChef All-Stars is a fantastic example of ‘event TV’. It is set to be fun, compelling and an excellent alternative for viewers. The MasterChef alumni continue to hold a special interest and affection with our audience and seeing them take on a new challenge will be an absolute joy to watch.”

Still to come in the current season are Rick Stein serving up the mystery box tonight, Jamie Oliver on Tuesday, Heston Blumenthal, catering a Sri-Lankan wedding and a week of challenges in Italy.


  1. Put on some old episodes of the Nanny or Mad about You or other comedies from the last two decades in place of this garbage.This Time Fifteen Years Ago They did very well with Seinfeld and hardly needed any form of reality TV at 7pm up against the Home and Away/Sale of the Century Opposition which in the case of the latter is now US Sitcoms of all types or the Block or at Ten Biggest Loser/Masterchef

  2. Just Get Rid of the Presenters/Same old Annoying Judges.How on Earth They replaced good quality even though it’s well past it’s time and done to death American Sitcoms with this garbage is beyond understanding.Even The Project on a good day was better.

  3. Season 3 was a write off for talent, with cooks like Dani and Kumar taking part, it shouldn’t really be called an All-Stars series

  4. Interesting that Julie Goodwin is on this – She appears lots on the Today Show on Nine – would have thought they would have some sort of contract.

  5. Brilliant idea but strange an All Stars show is going to air so soon. Usually after at least 5 or 6 seasons in a series. Only thing is not a fan of Chris or Dani. Other than that this is going to rock.

  6. I think it’s a good idea and will work, I like that it sound like its a tightly packed 3 week thing, that was JMCs downfall, they got greedy with episode orders.

    But considering it has been renewed for until 2014 it seems a bit early to do an all star season after just 4 seasons. Most other shows go 10 seasons before doing an all star season.

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