Nine News beats Seven News as The Block powers home

Ratings: Nine's early evening shows topple all of Seven's as the network wins Thursday, while SBS immediately feels the loss of Letters and Numbers.

The Block has been #1 every night this week and is on track for a bumper finale this Sunday night.

The question is can it lift higher than 2011’s high of 3.3m viewers (strategic coding for “The Winner Announced” will help it achieve that), and the follow up question is how much it will affect Nine’s other shows without it being in the schedule?

Last night Nine News topped Seven News and A Current Affair beat Today Tonight (as it has done for every night this week). Nine comfortably won Thursday night against the competition.

The Block pulled 1.58m viewers with what was effectively a “Room Reveal” episode last night. Dale & Sophie scored the show’s first ever perfect 10 for a room (including previous seasons).

Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year enjoyed The Block‘s “halo effect” with 1.41m, Nine News was 1.28m, ACA was 1.17m, then Big Bang (812,000), The Footy Show and Hot Seat (both on 742,000).

Seven News was 1.26m for Seven then Today Tonight (1.12m), Home and Away (849,000), Deal or No Deal (582,000), Grey’s Anatomy (561,000), Better Homes & Gardens (522,000 in 3 states), and in 2 states The Force (446,000) /  Medical Emergency (404,000) / Border Security (385,000). Desperate Housewives had a network figure of 371,000.

MasterChef eliminated Tregan with 1.04m viewers for TEN. TEN News was 718,000, Modern Family was 689,000, Thursday Night Football had a combined figure of 465,000 and Law and Order: SVU was 426,000.

ABC News had 904,000 on ABC1 then Silk (705,000), Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets (671,000), 7:30 (549,000) and Photo Finish (422,000).

Heston’s Feasts was 293,000 on SBS ONE then One Born Every Minute USA (222,000), Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita (219,000) and French Food Safari (208,000).

But the loss of Letters and Numbers is immediate. On Wednesday it had 140,000. Its replacement ADbc was 64,000, lower than Weatherwatch and the Korean News. That saw the World News Australia drop from 178,000 on Wednesday to 155,000 on Thursday.

Neighbours led multichannels with 297,000.

Sunrise: 347,000
Today: 296,000
ABC News Breakfast: 45,000 / 30,000
Breakfast: 33,000

Thursday 28 June 2012

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  1. Could someone help me if the ratings of Photo Finish are any okay? I cannot find much to compare it or if they are any decent figures. Would be a great help, thanks in advance.

  2. Shame how Greys & DH struggle @ 9pm & 10pm when @ 8:30 they were much higher!
    I realise some will say DH is not as good as it was but Greys to me is better now than early seasons!

  3. @ Nick

    When they had Catalyst on at 8pm the former 7.30 Report often got over 600,000 . Sometimes the high ranges. I’ll admit I only looked up a month. Then with Photo Finish was on it dropped to 580,000 if I remember correctly. And now 549,000 . As a viewer I don’t get why they are reducing the science shows at 8pm. I can’t wait for Catalyst to be back. I suspect many feel that way.

  4. Interesting how the “wins” to Seven News are so often determined by the “WIN”s (WIN O&O stations) in Adelaide and Perth.
    When the figures in Sydney & Melb are closer the WIN/9 stations get Seven over the line with their abysmal numbers.

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