Nine wins week, but TEN beats Seven in two key demos.

Nine won the week in Total People but the action was more interesting in the demos where TEN had wins over Seven.

Nine and Seven continue to tussle over weekly ratings win, usually determined by event television.

Last week Nine won the race sweeping the top 8 rankings, thanks in part to some strategic coding of its titles.

In Total People shares Nine Network was 31.2% then Seven 28.3%, TEN 19.6%, ABC 16.0% and SBS 5.0%.

But the action was a lot more interesting in the demos.

Nine slammed its rivals in 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54. Significantly, last week TEN actually defeated Seven in 16-39 and 18-49 and came close to Seven in 25-54.

State of Origin was 2.5m for its match, with Nine’s other performers being The Voice (2.12m), The Block (highest episode 1.53m), Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year (1.41m), Nine News (Sun: 1.38m, weeknights: 1.21m) and 60 Minutes (1.14m).

Packed to the Rafters (1.38m) led for Seven then Seven News (Sun: 1.38m, weeknights: 1.36m), Downton Abbey (1.34m), Revenge (1.21m), Today Tonight (1.16m) and Dancing with the Stars (1.12m).

MasterChef was TEN’s best (highest episode 1.29m), then Bikie Wars (1.03m), Being Lara Bingle (925,000), Offspring (865,000), Modern Family (767,000) and TEN News (741,000).

Death in Paradise (966,000) was best for ABC1 followed by ABC News (weeknights: 944,000), Silent Witness (768,000), Four Corners (733,000), Q & A (727,000) and Australian Story (719,000).

On SBS ONE Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve pulled 309,000 then Caroline Quentin: A Passage Through India (286,000), Heston’s Feasts (280,000) and Who Do You Think You Are? (256,000).

Nine’s primary channel was 25.1%, then Seven 21.6%, TEN 13.9%, ABC1 11.9% and SBS ONE 4.0%.

GO! was 3.8% followed by 7TWO 3.5%, 7mate 3.2%, ELEVEN 3.1%, ABC2 2.6%, ONE 2.5%, Gem 2.2%, SBS TWO 1.0%, ABC News 24 0.8%, ABC3 0.7%.

Nine ranked first in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with Seven still in front in Adelaide and Perth.

Seven won Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Nine took Monday and Wednesday. ABC bettered TEN on Saturday.

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  1. David,
    How is it possible Nine only wins the week by 3% when they won Monday + Wednesday by a combined 29% and apart from Sunday the rest of the week Nine + Seven were very close?

  2. Year to date, 6pm-Midnight, Nine is #1 in all three demos (16-54)

    Year to date, 6pm-Midnight Nine/Go/Gem is also #1 in all three demos (16-54)

    Olympics and Big Brother yet to come.

  3. @David, I’m not writing Seven off, but they have been impacted, and they certainly won’t be as strong as this time last year. And, if you look at the US, The Voice America had a significant impact on American Idol. If the same over-exposure effect happens here with Voice-XFactor, Seven could be in real trouble.

    Big Brother is looking like it will be successful too, although its a prediction. At least it will premiere to good numbers.

    Ten could have a couple of sleeper hits too.

  4. @tmorgan96 “American shows are not as popular as they used to be.”

    Well we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Just to name a few…
    TEN – Modern Family
    Seven – Revenge
    Nine – TBBT (new episodes)

  5. I think the competition is good and Nine did deserve to win last week based on Monday and Wednesday alone plus the demos. The Voice, State of Origin, The Block and Hamish and Andy all performed for them. However its amazing how many people are writing Seven off. They did it last year saying Seven will start losing in the 2nd half and it never happened. I expect Seven to win 5 of the next 6 weeks with Nine to take this week. Nine are about to fall into that hole that they had at the start of the year. Then we will see what happens after the big sporting event called The Olympic Games.

  6. @steve sydney, I would attribute Ten’s decline to be caused more by Nine skewing younger since 2008. Add GO!’s share ontop of that and it’s no real surprise they’re #1 in demos. Ten were 3rd in demos two weeks ago so things are improving for them. American shows are not as popular as they used to be.

    Seven is generally older skewing, and the collapse of DWTS and AGT has really impacted them. With The Voice likely to make X-Factor look pale in comparison, Seven are going to need to wait until 2013 before the possibility of a resurgence.

  7. @Mr. J

    Sure TEN’s recent programming leaves alot to be desired however many parts of Nine’s success can be attributed to their deal with Warner Bros. Just as well… Seven’s success depends heavily on their deal with the US ABC Network television productions

    American television still plays a huge part in tv success in Oz

  8. This is the second time this year that Seven lost the week despite winning 5 out of 7 nights, such as the massive appeal of The Voice and State of Origin. This week Nine will win Sunday and Monday, the other five nights shall be interesting.

  9. the fact that ten coming 2nd in 16-39 and 18-49 is big news really shows how far they have fallen. a few years ago they were regularly first in both and won 16-39 every year. their multichannels strategy and the early evening revolutions have really screwed them up and put them behind 7&9.

  10. “Significantly, last week TEN actually defeated Seven in 16-39 and 25-54 and came close to Seven in 25-54.”

    Looks like there is a typo here.

    I hope Being Lara Bingle drops next week, I watched a few minutes on Tuesday in the ad breaks of Once Upon a Time and it looked like trashy mediocre rubbish

  11. According to Mediaspy, Seven won Adelaide and Perth on Monday night, even when Nine had those massive ratings for the Voice. Seven’s stranglehold on those cities is amazing.

    I expect this week Nine will crush everyone. Hopefully Hamish & Andy will go up on Thursday- loved their show.

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