Noni Hazlehurst to call Seven home again

The Australian reports today that Noni Hazlehurst (City Homicide)┬áis likely to be the lead on Seven’s new drama A Place to Call Home.

So far the network has been very hush-hush on details about the new drama from Bevan Lee (Packed to the Rafters, Winners and Losers, Always Greener).

The series is believed to be a postwar drama set in the bush, featuring a woman returning to Australia.

The drama was announced last year as being a 2012 drama but it isn’t clear if that’s still on the cards or whether it will be bumped to 2013.


  1. I still remember Noni as Lil Duggan in The Sullivans. Still love that show more than any other aussie drama. This show sounds a bit full circle for her.

  2. Russell, why are over 55s less deserving of decent television drama than anyone else? I hope you remember your comment when you reach that age and whinge about the crap aimed at under 25s.

    Meanwhile, it’s fabulous that Noni – at her age – gets star billing in an Australian drama series. She’s a terrific actor.

  3. Another “family” drama from the same people that brought us… Seven’s last 4 family dramas. No wonder all these shows are the same and there are no fresh ideas at Seven.

    A period drama about women ruturning home to Oz to live in the bush?

    Sure to be loved by Seven’s over 55s!

  4. @JBar, now post-Iraq would be interesting, add a dash of Homeland and The West Wing.

    I just hope they don’t go down the Rafters/Winners and Losers route, make it dramatic from the start. I know Rafters /Winners are dramatic but it balances it out with lighter moments, if they went 80% dramatic and 20% lighter it would rate through the roof.

  5. Bugger, i was hoping this story was Seven admits they shouldn’t have axed City Homicide and Noni would be returning to Seven for a new series of the show.

    Initial premise sounds great. But then again so did Wild Boys.

  6. Noni’s acting in city homicide, especially around the end of season 2 – the storyline with her son – was spectacular and really under appreciated.
    This show seems to have a different premise every time we hear about it, but sounds good.

  7. Which postwar Boer? WW1?, WW2? Korean? Vietnam? Gulf?. They’re not giving much away.

    And biggest question is will they be giving a her a clipboard?

  8. I thought this was just going to be another Rafters or Winners and Losers but this news gives me hope. Something post-war would be interesting. Needs better story lines than WIld Boys though. I think Seven would have learnt their lessons from that.

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