Patrick & Nina… “Please just sort your shit!”

Is it just me or is Offspring, getting better and better this season?

Nope. It’s not just me. Last night the show was trending on Twitter as viewers watched Nina (Asher Keddie) and Patrick (Matthew LeNevez) said goodbye to one another.

With less than 140 characters, some of these tweets summed it up much better than a TV critic could:

“Tonight’s ep of #Offspring was full of awkward moments. I pretty much watched it with a jumper over my head.”

Sarah Campbell:
“Dear Patrick & Nina… Please just sort your shit out & get back together already! #frustrating #offspring #tragic”

“Nina and Patrick… WORK IT THE F*** OUT!! Please!!! #offspring”

Emotional investment in the characters is certainly garnering an audience response, reflected in quiet lifts in viewing numbers. But this year the show has also worked its charms with its supporting characters, especially Jimmy (Richard Davies) and Zara (Jane Harber).

Last week The Age even commented on the third season under the subheading “The Rise and Rise of Offspring.”

I put it to Asher Keddie that I was detecting a genuine embrace from the audience this year.

“I am too! I really am!” she replied.

“I don’t know that we’ve done anything differently this time other than progress the storylines and the characters so that they keep evolving and never stay the same, and keep the flavour of the show.

“It’s a tricky thing to do but I feel confident because of the responses this season that we’re achieving what we set out to do.

“I’m so thrilled that people are enjoying it. Particularly the last few weeks because the tone was a little trickier than normal. We were really walking a tightrope between the comedy and the drama, with the drama being very real and heartbreaking.

“I feel like we’re doing well so far, touch wood.”

This season has had to juggle Kat Stewart’s own pregnancy, with writers resisting making it part of the show, sending her character ‘Billie’ off to New Zealand for several episodes. But that’s allowed for a dangerous storyline between Mick (Eddie Perfect) and Rosanna (Clare Bowditch). The arrival of Nina’s biological father, played wonderfully by Gary McDonald has also impacted on the Proudman family. Watching these storylines weave in and out of one another and creating lessons for all has been utterly charming.

“You know how much I enjoy working on that show,” says Keddie. “It’s all heart for me. It really couldn’t be more rewarding that the audience are embracing not only the type of show it is, but they’re so involved with all the characters now, not just Nina. So that was a big thing for all of us. We wanted the ensemble to grow and develop.

“Garry is such a bigger treat then you can imagine. I adore him, I think he’s great.”

TEN is yet to confirm a fourth season for the show from Southern Star but with just a handful of episodes to go on the current season, the signs are encouraging.

Meanwhile Logie-winning Asher Keddie has just returned from filming a guest spot on TEN’s upcoming talent series, I Will Survive.

She offers acting expertise to the contestants on the series.

“I spent a very flamboyant week in the outback and I loved it. I was so inspired by the guys on the show. When I was spending time with them, I felt so inspired by their courage. They are so brave I can’t tell you what they’re going through,” she says.

“In terms of having to pull out the ‘Triple Threat’ in terms of the singing, dancing and acting -and for all 3 to be as strong- that’s a really big ask. These guys have got it.

“There were a couple of moments that put them in a particularly vulnerable situation that you have to have the guts to go through as an actor, digging deep to expose themselves emotionally and they all went there and I’m so proud of them and I hope they do so well.”


  1. I’ve loved Offspring since it started, and with the exception of The Slap and The Straits, think it has been far and away the best Aussie drama on fta tv in recent years. Not to mention it’s comedy!! 🙂
    I’ve one of those fans who think it just keeps getting better; and the introduction of this season’s new characters has made for some interesting twists.

  2. I actually gave up on it half way through this season and was a huge fan before…I find the Nina/Patrick relationship a total bore and really don’t care what happens. I miss Dr Chris. 😉

  3. Offspring has definately hit its groove this season for a range of reasons – not the least of which is casting Matt Le Nevez as Nina’s challenging love interest. The guy totally smoulders up the screen and without him the show would drift sideways again. He’s takes it up to Asher who is in a league of her own. Together they are amazing – Hepburn and Tracey for anyone old enough to know what that means. Love it.

  4. steve sydney

    Considering in 3 years TEN have shifted the show across 3 nights…. I would say the ratings are solid, steady and obviously loyal.

    I was hoping Patrick and Nina would work so there’d be a wedding episode. Oh well.. season 4 hopefully

  5. Offspring took two seasons to get into the groove for me (wife liked it and watched, finally convinced me to give it a go) and I’ve become hooked.

    If TEN decides against picking it up for a 4th season, hope 7 grabs it – they know how to market shows like this.

  6. Loved the first two season of Offspring, but I’m not sure why people are saying this is the best yet? I actually recall thinking that this was the weakest season mid way through, But it has definitely picked up in the last couple of weeks. For me personally, I think it has a lot has to do with excluding Billie for as long as they did, I understand why, but she’s easily one of my favourite characters, and her foot in mouth issues often make me laugh hysterically. They’ve also excluded Clegg (sorry not sure of spelling) quite a bit this year, obviously the actor had other commitments, but his nuttyness was always entertaining. Season 3 to me has had a different vibe about it, but I’d still love to see a 4th season.

  7. Audiences are lower than previous years, but this is the trend across the board for all programs. Fragmentation to digital channels is splitting audience attention & the figures accurately reflect this in larger commercial shares for these channels.

    Offspring has managed quite a feat in the market place. Shows generally start a season with higher number and drop off, however the quality of writing/acting/production of the series has generated positive word of mouth and the numbers have been steadily increasing week on week.

    It’s nice to see audiences recognising and rewarding quality for a change! I only hope this makes it to a fourth season

  8. @Darcy – the ratings are smack bang on average with last year. Also, for all key advertising demographics, it’s conisteantly a in the top 3 shows if the night. Spin that however you like but that’s where advertisers spend their money and the Offspring audience is the precise type of audience they’re all chasing.

  9. We can play with words all day – but Offspring’s ratings are down on last year – as are Rafters & Losers. I’m not knocking the show – those who watch certainly embrace it – but there are less watching this year.
    As you point out it won its timeslot, at least until Mrs Brown started at 9pm.

  10. @ michaeltv I agree Am glad the US haven’t poached her!
    @ Bindi u are right! That sums up the main problem
    @ Darcy09 ratings have increased steadily, but not dramatically! Still under a million, but loyal following!
    I am loving this season! So many great & cringeworthy moments!

  11. All this talk of the rise of Offspring this year is not yet reflected in its ratings. Surely , this is the true test of an audience embracing a TV show?

  12. I really didn’t get it tonight, I didn’t think Nina and Patrick brought out the worst in eachother, at least not until they broke up. Wasn’t it all just about Patrick not wanting to have another child after losing one and him not wanting to string Nina along when she does want kids. I thought that was a simple and straightforward explanation and he just wasn’t able to tell Nina what he was really feeling and just shut down and acted weird to push her away. Am I wrong?

  13. Do agree that this has been the best yet. The acting and writing is prob the best in Aussie TV this year. John Waters, Eddie Perfect and Kat Stewart’s performances have all stepped up this year. And why US TV hasnt noticed Asher Keddie yet is beyond me.. her comedic timing and the way she has attacked the serious storylines has been brilliant. We should be so proud to have her on Australian drama.

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