Reality face-off goes to The Voice

Sunday night's 4 Reality shows were all desperately vying for eyeballs, but Nine's two juggernauts took home Sunday's prize.

Has there ever been a bigger face-off in Reality TV?

Sunday night’s 4 Reality shows were all desperately vying for eyeballs and here is how they stacked up in preliminary figures:

The Voice: 2.24m
The Block: 1.89m
Dancing with the Stars: 1.23m
MasterChef Australia 973,000

The Voice may have fallen short of some brash predictions but 2.24m is still a glorious number and all signs point towards huge numbers for tonight.

Sunday proved to be an easy win for Nine and a shocker for TEN and the ABC.

Nine romped home with 38.8% with Seven on 28.6%, TEN on 14.5%, ABC on 13.5% and SBS on 4.6%.

Aside from Nine’s two big Reality juggernauts, Nine News was 1.53m and Tricky Business was 874,000 in preliminary figures with The Voice running 9 minutes overtime. The Voice is expected to be adjusted to 2.22m and Tricky Business to 691,000.

Seven News was 1.47m for Seven and Castle was 937,000 in preliminary figures, but Dancing with the Stars ran 30 minutes overtime. Dancing is expected to be adjusted to 1.24m and Castle to 704,000.

Aside from MasterChef it was a tough night for TEN with TEN News on 544,000, New Girl on 531,000 and Last Man Standing on 438,000. Against Live Reality battles Touch slumped to 385,000 while The Project was just 376,000, raising questions about its value on Sunday nights. MotoGP Live was 211,000.

ABC1 also struggled in the crossfire with ABC News on 850,000, Wallander on 661,000, How to Grow a Planet on 632,000, Compass on 448,000 and Young Nuns on 373,000.

Inside Nature’s Giants was 214,000 on SBS ONE then World News Australia on 213,000 and Clash of the Dinosaurs on 157,000.

The Big Bang Theory topped multichannels with 265,000.

Sunday 17 June 2012

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  1. 😆 and I watched Clash of the Dinosaurs on SBS then a movie on PayTV.

    Its a shame TEN was caught in the cross fire but the reality (sorry for the pun) is that its Sunday nights have not been working since moving motor sport to the main channel, F1 and MotoGP belong on ONE (live) and should go back there.

    I think its just a matter of time before there are some big changes to the TEN Sunday night line up. Problem is most of their top US shows are now on hiatus and won’t be back until September or later.

  2. Do they really need Six Projects a week.Monday to Friday is more than enough.It’s as bad if not worse than the short lived over the Summer 2008 act of Putting on the Bold and the Beautiful on weeknights at 6pm where the Simpsons used to be.

  3. Listen all tv people!! i don’t know how you all can get so worked up on figures that are so inaccurate. get some proper numbers rather than a assumption on a small sample and then we can all have a proper stoush!!!!!!!
    These figures that are coming out are so out of skew to what is really happening out there, they make the qld state budget defecit look good in comprasion…….

  4. My point is that, in my opinion, Touch is a well scripted, well produced, well acted drama. The Voice etc are lowest common denominator television. I just don’t get it.

  5. One thing the Voice has done for first time in a long time on oz tv is encouraged and fostered individuality in its performers. Letting each artist put their souls on display with their originals, uninhibited by producers, was so refreshing. Exactly what the oz music industry needed. None of this manufactured rubbish like on idol and x factor.

  6. New Girl’s rating have almost halved since its debut weeks. Either people have realised it is not funny and her character is incredibly annoying, or perhaps people actually like it an started to obtain it through other sources rather than waiting for TEN to catch up.

  7. Anyone who makes broad generalistions about someone’s intelligence and viewing patterns without any substantiation is the type of reporter ACA or TT would hire! Got the formula pretty much spot on.

    I watched The Voice, BTW

  8. @karebear Yes I do agree. The Voice has seen far greater talent than any of the other shows!

    @moanique I would expect to see the numbers increase tonight as the winner is announced. It was also against DWTS which took possibly a million of the audience away.

  9. TEN… listen to me… I’m your target demo..

    Get rid of The Project on Sunday and replace it with New Simpsons. The ratings for that time slot will easily double. I don’t understand how the everyday share holders put up with this dire programming.

  10. Enjoyed listening to the finalists singing their original songs on The Voice last night. People may disagree with me but I do think the talent on this show is far better than the talent on X Factor and the final few series of Idol.

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