Rumour mill: Darren McMullen, Karl Stefanovic and The Project

The rumour mill is in overdrive today with three rumours in News Limited newspapers about Nine and TEN.

One suggests Darren McMullen is set to be dumped as host of The Voice for next year, in favour of former Australian Idol host Andrew Günsberg.

McMullen has caused some consternation for producers this season, not the least of which was his outburst on Mornings after singer Peta Jeffress criticised the show on Today Tonight.

“She came out and absolutely killed one of my favourite Prince songs of all time. It was hard to listen to. Screeching down the microphone.

“This industry is about attitude right? That’s the perfect example of why you don’t deserve to be on the show and why you’ll never make it, because your attitude stinks.”

Nine went into damage control following his extraordinary outburst, which was out of step with the show’s positive tone. It was even forced to delete footage of the rant from Mornings website. Insiders even described him as a “loose cannon” at the time.

Andrew Günsberg is well-regarded having multiple seasons of Australian Idol under his belt but a Nine spokesperson has said, “No replacement for Darren.”

Updated: A Nine spokesperson tells TV Tonight: “We here at nine love Darren on the voice and have no thoughts of anyone else doing the job.”

Meanwhile, in unrelated speculation there are wild rumours that TEN could be looking to snare Karl Stefanovic for The Project, when his contract with Nine is up for renewal in November. Stefanovic is understood to be friendly with TEN chairman Lachlan Murdoch and there are suggestions the show may relocate to Sydney as part of an overhaul.

Both Nine and TEN denied the talk.


  1. I grew up watching Andrew G. Loveable guy, great host. I’d definitely prefer him over Darren.

    I was actually a great fan of Darren’s years ago when he first started hosting those ad countdowns, where he came across very warm and natural. But I think the hosting role on The Voice has restricted his talents. He’s not coming across well.

    And about Stefanovic… I honestly can’t see him moving to Ten’s Project. Sonia Kruger’s move to Nine rang true instantly, but I don’t have the same feeling with this rumour.

  2. Both would be bad. Darren McMullen is doing a good job and at least he’s a new face. Andrew G is boring. As for Stefanovic going to the Project? That would be absolutely horrible. He is all wrong for the show’s younger-skewing, humorous/informal tone. It sounds like such a move (if it were to happen) would be Lachlan Murdoch pulling strings rather than a move for the welfare of the show. I can’t see Stefanovic taking the risk of moving from a safe position at 9 to a low rating show that he’s all wrong for anyway.

  3. Whatever happened to Nine replacing Charlie Sheen and his old Two and a Half Men the minute the comedy actor got the boot from his show with a Karl/Leila News Chat Show.I hope come 2013 they have the sense to put something other than More Big Bang Theory or the Block to fix their 7pm woes and this idea fixes everything.Something to give that Home and Away crap a really good run for the money.

  4. I must admit I thought it was refreshing to have someone outside of the usual ch 9 suspects hosting the voice. I agree there might be better options for next year just as long as its someone outside the boring stable of hacks they usually use.

  5. I don’t want to be mean but I really can’t stand Darren as a host. In my opinion he has no warmth and no sense of humour. As for Karl … don’t watch him, don’t care.

  6. Interesting comment about Stefanovic..Rove McManus, part owner of the show “The Project” often made derogatory comments about Stefanovic on Rovelive….the two don’t seem to be friends at all..unlike Rove and Larry Emdur

  7. Would like to see the back of Darren, I’m sure there are plenty of better choices than him.

    I would prefer to see Andrew G, even though that might not be on the cards.

  8. Very seriously doubt whether Karl will leave Nine, however I can definitely see Andrew G being courted to host The Voice. I have caught snatches of The Voice and I’ve gotta say Peta Jeffress isn’t the only contestant guilty of murdering a song. The shrieking and caterwauling I’ve seen has been disgraceful. As far as I’m concerned, the only female contestant worth a cracker is Rachel Leahcar. At least she has a pleasant, melodic voice. The other women are too busy shrieking and performing show off, vocal gymnastics. I have no idea why that faux Aretha Franklin singling style is so fashionable with female vocalists. It is dissonant to the ear and difficult to listen to. I hate it. Darren P for the win.

  9. It would make more sense if Ten signed up Karl for Breakfast. The connection to The Project is a furphy. The McMullen rumour is designed to keep his ego in check.

  10. Karl for The Project? Ridiculous! People who watch The Project don’t like Karl, and people who like Karl don’t like The Project.

    Wouldn’t be half surprised to see Charlie open the show tonight:
    “Hello and welcome to The Project. I’m Karl Stefanovic. Joining us at the desk tonight…”

    Karl for Breakfast would be more likely.

  11. harrypotter1994

    Woody “McMullen brings nothing anyway in my opinion”

    Totally agree. I think they would choose Faustina as a second choice over Andrew….Faustina would be great and is already a part of the Voice family…also shes criminally underused

  12. Karl would be getting way too much to leave Nine for Ten for a low rating show.
    The performances and song choices on The Voice are horrible, I choose not to watch it but often here the recap voting commercials and can’t believe the poor performances. Darren is speaking the truth, but as a host he should not be sharing his opinions.

  13. Why interfere with The Project by changing the lineup? Adding Stefanovic would change the dynamic at the desk. It’s a dynamic that is working – its fluid, comfortable and affable. I hope they aren’t trying to fix what isn’t broken.

  14. steve sydney

    How many times does TEN feel the need to tinker with The Project? It’s embarrassing now.

    Karl or no Karl.. TEN is never going to get million plus viewers (or whatever their target is) for the 6pm-6.30pm time slot against the establishments at 7 and 9… Never.

  15. I caught a little bit of the voice a while ago, they were butchering wonderful songs and the judges were praising them for it. He was probably just speaking the truth. If those changes to the project happen that will be the end of me watching a show I have been with since the start, hate stephanovic, charlie is the main reason I watch that show and if they are trying to fit stephanovic in they are presumably going to replace charlie based on the formula they are currently running.

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