Seven wins Tuesday night

Without event television last night the numbers were a lot more conventional.

Seven won the night with a 28.7% share then Nine on 26.5% and TEN on 23.0%. ABC was 16.0% and SBS 5.7%.

Packed to the Rafters appeared to resolve its rift between Dave and Julie for a final episode of 1.37m viewers. Seven’s others were Seven News (1.33m), Today Tonight (1.18m), Home and Away (922,000), Once Upon a Time (869,000), Pictures of You (746,000) and Deal or No Deal (658,000).

The Block was #1 on 1.4m for Nine then Nine News (1.25m), Big Bang (1.16m / 875,000), Hot Seat (738,000), Two Broke Girls (679,000), Two and a Half Men (569,000), and Survivor (314,000).

TEN had a decent night with MasterChef (1.03m), the final instalment of Bikie Wars (1.02m), Being Lara Bingle (782,000), TEN News (716,000), NCIS (575,000), The Project 6pm (431,000).

ABC News was 827,000 for ABC1 then 7:30 (664,000), Foreign Correspondent (587,000), Qi (585,000). Race to London was 544,000.

Who Do You Think You Are? was 300,000 for SBS ONE and Death Unexplained was 235,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 359,000.

Tuesday 19 June 2012


  1. Loved the Foreign Correspondent retrospective as well as the earthquake reporting on Lateline last night as well as the coverage today. I’ll admit I knew the Earth is active at the moment but I didn’t expect a proper rolling type earthquake. It usually just causes a shudder.

    I’ve heard that Sky News reported that there had been no tsunami warning issued for Moe. ‘Cos that one caused me to have a good laugh. If you’re from interstate or the rest of the world Moe is inland and not near the coast. For those that have Sky News was it true that they reported it?

  2. So disappointed with Once Upon a Times figures. Its such a great show and deserves better ratings. Its one of the best shows i have seen in a while. I hope it can at least hover around 900k-1m.

  3. steve sydney


    I think TEN would still be pleased since Bikie Wars finale did beat Rafters finale in all demos

    I hope TEN continue doing these Underbelly style mini series. Makes alot sense then dragging them out like Nine does.

  4. Ch7 only showed 10 episodes of Packed to the Rafters this year and will return at the end of the year, so last nights episode was a mid season finale. Looking forward to Winners and Losers, I think its much more interesting then Packed to the Rafters.

  5. daveinprogress

    @Tomothyd – no The Block ran about 10 minutes over the scheduled time – BBT started about 8.20 i think. I was waiting for it as it was an ep i was not familiar with.

  6. Whether Rafters was a genuine season finale last night or not, it did feel like a season finale, loose ends being tied up etc. Looking forward to Winners & Losers, and also the return of Rafters later this year.

  7. Wonder how many are believing this is the ‘season’ final of PttR? We (here) all know they are only half way through the 5th season, I do wonder if part of the reason for calling it a ‘season’ final is so they can put out the DVD and suck people into paying top dollar for half a season of just 10 eps?

    I didn’t realize Bikie Wars only had 6 eps, tough night to have a season final on the same time as the Rafters, wonder if TEN knew this going in 6 weeks ago?

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