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Heads up Survivor fans, the show is out next week....

Heads up Survivor fans, the show is out next week, with the Diamond Jubilee Concert ending at 11:15pm next Tuesday on Nine, followed by Rugby International Australia v Scotland.

It returns 10pm Tuesday June 12th with Episodes 7 and 8.

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  1. Hey Iso, I know how you feel. Get onto Reality Ravings website, it has great recaps on each episode with lots of comments. I agree, why can’t channel 9 put it on Go instead of so late at night?

  2. I only joined this site because I am so p#d off with Channel 9 and am so happy to be on a Survivor blog. My friends and I were panicking as thought it had been pulled – thanks Channel 9 for your support!!. C9 is crazy, Survivor trends on Twitter (thank you David Knox) and I know many many people who tape and watch it in groups, so it gives Channel 9 max viewers without them even having any respect for the fans. 70% of us tape and watch it later, but as only 30% watch in real time the numbers dont crunch for them… Channel 9 just have no idea….

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