Teigan wins Bollywood Star

Gold Coast paramedic student Teigan Lloyd-Evans has won SBS talent series Bollywood Star.

Lloyd-Evans, who works in a warehouse, was named the winner by Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt, over finalists Gautum “G-Luv” Koul, Sharon Johal and Sarah Roberts.

“It feels incredible. It is not what I expected when I started this competition. It’s just so overwhelming. My life is going to be so different. I’m not just the studying paramedic from the Gold Coast anymore – I’m going to be in a film! It feels out of this world,” she said.

“That moment Mahesh pronounced me as Australia’s Bollywood Star, I didn’t know which emotion was overtaking me! I felt so many different things in that first 30 seconds and I think you can probably see this in my reaction. There was overwhelming disbelief, joy, gratitude and this amazing feeling of adventure. The most intense, gratifying adventure I had just experienced and the crazy new horizon I had just begun to see.

“I had no idea what this could mean for me now, just a proud true blue Aussie girl given the opportunity to share my life’s experiences on screen with millions of people. I was so proud.”

With a Welsh, Danish and Australian background, she sees the win as a turning point in her life and admits to being torn by her future path.

“I still question what I will do when I head to Mumbai to film a movie with Mahesh. Will I stay in India? Will I come home and keep working as a Paramedic? Or will I use my time wisely to keep both careers alive? I can’t imagine my life now without either of my new found careers. Both are something I really deeply love and they will always be me. Both Paramedics and Bollywood I see as passionate, exciting, unpredictable futures. I think I will have to use all the help I can get and chase both of them! I can’t compare them and I can’t choose one. I want to be the first ever True Blue Gori Bollywood Star Paramedic!”


  1. I agree with Neil.Teigan certainly had that ‘extra’ something in her that the judges were looking for.Apart from acting and dancing she showed more heart in her interview and was very natural.

  2. ricardo getting out was sad as well he was pretty well-rounded in talent moreso than G-Luv and he wanted it the most out of everyone… the fact that it says here that Teigan is torn between career paths just makes it sad considering other people wanted it soooo badly no questions asked ready to trade everything for it…..


  3. this series was a serious disappointment
    it portrayed the stereotype if your pretty you can make your way into anything- just fake it til you make it!

    the judges were just drooling in the first audition over Teigan- her looks got her through that first round big time her audition was average as were all her following she used minimal dialogue and portrayed a hollywood like delivery of her lines it didn’t seem like she was even trying to portray it in terms of the bollywood industry…. the final audition was like she didn’t even need to bother she had the audition as soon as she walked in…. if bollywood is all about hopes and dreams Sharon or G-Luv would have truly showed this –

    im not a fan of G-Luv but his final audition was great and in terms of sharon she delivered more lines and emotion whereas teigan just went with a sentence which was just unsettling to think she came up with that out of all the monolgues she could have delivered and she did it blandly..ok sooo G-Luvs audition was creepy he nailed the creepy character. if teigan had gone wild emotion moving or fidgetting in her chair and crying screaming like she was mentally distraught as a result of what had happened to her and portrayed it as life threatening im scared to leave the house and etc etc asking i would have considered her worthy the win but honestly for a lover of bollywood all my life its just hell depressing — and to think i was getting texted from so many people when the show first came that i should audition — glad i didn’t clearly they are not looking for talent they’re just looking for looks that can sell!

  4. Wow, the ending to this show was so disappointing. A real eye opener to me and many other smart people watching the show that Bollywood is controlled by men with no substance who don’t recognise real talent when they see it. For instance, real good actresses were kicked off the show only for someone who can’t act like Teigan to win. What a shame!

    Even the top Bollywood producer who coached them at the beginning of the last episode said that Teigan could not project any emotion. She was so right Many people watched it too and that girl can’t act to save her life. I guess her pretty face and the fact that she is Caucasian/white really helped her win over the male judges and jostle her way to the top. Again, what a shame.

    The worst thing display of unprofesisonalism by someone who is supposed to be pro was when Mahesh gushed like a little boy the moment she walked it. In his eyes she already was the winner. I mean, the show was over as soon as he said that he welcomed her to the Bollywood world….and that was before she even did did her pathetic little act which again was emotionless and very boring. That girl cannot act, seriously.

    The person who I thought should have won was the Sri Lankan background girl who was teased at school by some rascist kids and so she hated who she was…what was her name again? Anyway, you know who I am talking about if you watched the final episode. Anyway, her performance was really good through out. Now that is acting!

    Fortunately for Tiegan, it seems Bollywood doesn’t really require its leading ladies to be talented, just pretty and cute and always smiling. Since that is all she has, she should do all right. The whole show is a joke really!

  5. I thought the right person won. Teigan certaintly had something about her. Most telling was her interview with Mahesh. With the other three Mahesh was using the silent treatment, but with Teigan he was gushing to her about film making. I had the sense that she didn’t even had to do her monologe.

    G-Lov bombed it at the end when he reverted back to type.

  6. I saw Teigan on the first episode & she was absolutely awful! But I remember her because the two male judges ignored this obvious fact because of her (rather boring) girl-next-door looks. Teigan? What kind of name is that anyway?

    For me, the most stunning & talented girl in the whole series was sitting right inbetween the two male judges… Their co-judge, Dipti Patil.

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