The Voice judges to pick Final 4

The 4 contestants for the grand final of The Voice will be chosen by the judges.

Seal, Keith Urban, Delta Goodrem and Joel Madden will choose 1 member from each of their teams to compete in the grand final on Sunday June 17.

But it means the public won’t get to decide which 4 face off.

On Monday night four more singers from Team Keith and Team Joel will be sent home at the top of the show.

That leaves 8 contestants to perform for the night, with the judges forced to choose their best singer at the end of the night.

All 4 finalists and judges will front at a Press Conference on Tuesday morning in Sydney.

While the Grand Final takes place from 7:30pm Sunday June 17, the winner won’t be announced until the last show on Monday June 18.

At least the public gets to decide the overall winner.

Which 4 do you think they will choose?


  1. I prefer the way the US choose their final 4: the judges give their contestants each a score – and the public vote as well. The highest average goes through.

    We already know who are the judges favourites.

  2. Ohh maaaan!!!!!!!
    Someone broadcasted the test screening!!!!

    Alfagirl: I am glad that you are happy with the changes, but the public will chose at the end (maybe)…

  3. I think the powers that be at The Voice realised that someone who is popular and not a very good singer (Laykin) might win and that would negate the whole concept of the show. I’m glad the judges will be selecting the finalists.

  4. I think they will choose:

    seal: karise
    delta: rachael
    joel: ben
    keith: darren

    i would prefer:
    karise and diana. i dont care about delta or joel’s teams.

  5. I’m happy about the changes cause they started the show saying they wanted to find “The best voice in Australia” and this means they might actually get to find it – rather than it simply being a popularity contest! So far I have disagreed with some of the decisions from the public voting so maybe the judges will make better choices.

  6. It’s not about earning money with phone calls it’s about choosing the favourite in a fair way!

    …and which comment here is from The Voice production or Channel 9? By the way, live shows: really good applause, sounds almost real. What was the reason for The Voice live show with 1 week time to invest in Channel 9 by phone?

  7. The Other Adam

    I think this is a good move, it means the final will really be about vocal talent and not looks (The guy who looks like hes from Twilight should be long gone)

  8. daveinprogress

    Delta: Rachael
    Keith: Darren
    Joel: Ben
    Seal: Karise

    This means that Diana and Glenn will miss out, so too Lakyn and Fatai! Shame as Fatai and Diana are amazing – but Darren is a crowd pleaser and Karise is amazing!

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