Tricky Business update

Heads up followers of Tricky Business, the show will be screening on both Sunday and Monday nights next week, following The Voice.

9:30pm Sunday
Rivals Matt (Antony Starr) and Rick (Kip Gamblin) go undercover on a major fraud case to impress Kate(Gigi Edgley); Kate discovers the perks of tracking down a beautician with debts; Chad (Lincoln Lewis) and Minnie (Dena Kaplan) have a showdown in court, with unexpected results. Jim (Shane Bourne) is charmed by a famous footballer while investigating an insurance scam and Matt gets more than he bargained for when he dares Kate to be more spontaneous.

9pm Monday
Matt (Antony Starr) is hired to locate a lottery winner by a woman determined to claim the prize from her missing husband; Kate’s (Gigi Edgley) experience as a single mother affects her judgement in a tricky adoption case; Jim (Shane Bourne) and Chad (Lincoln Lewis) find themselves in a sticky situation when they repossess goods from the wrong house and Emma (Odessa Young) provides Kate with a series of headaches.


  1. @ T Interesting theory however David Mott @10, Michael Healy @ 9 and Tim Worner at 7 have all been working in Network TV since entry point jobs as very young men. Maybe the reverse is true – they have feet of clay and cannot change with the times. The society they are broadcasting to has radically changed, and they just cannot respond. A reality show about Lara Bingle? Tricky Business starring Gigi Edgly, are these shows supposed to appeal to women in their 20s and 30s? PTTR and DWTS – someone at 7 had two good ideas eight years ago – well done you. If only these execs would leave and make room for some innovation based around respect for the audience.

  2. @Lyn the Mentalist is almost finished this season, so I think they want to air them @ 8:30 Even though they don’t rate as well as they used to!

  3. Seriously, one thing that annoys me about Nine is that they always change the nights and times of shows. Seven i’ve noticed doesn’t change things very much and it probably accounts for why most of their shows retain their audiences more.

    Its a really quick way to lose audiences. When is nine finally going to realise this. They have good shows, but they always lose the audiences.

  4. David, how about a new topic: ‘Does Australia’s TV and Film market need better skilled professionals?’ or ‘What’s wrong with the Australian TV and Gilm market?’??

  5. TasTVcameraman

    Thanks for the update, why can’t they leave things alone ! oh sorry I forgot it is Australia and TV networks do not care for the viewers!

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