Airdate: Absolutely Fabulous: Olympics

Updated: Eddy & Patsy gatecrash the Games in their third and final new episode.

ABC1 has slated the third (and final) new Ab Fab episode, in which Eddy and Patsy gatecrash the Olympics.

But while it has been scheduled just ahead of the Olympics itself, ABC has ambitiously set it for 8pm Wednesday July 25th. That’s the night of Australia’s Got Talent final, and more importantly, the rumoured night for MasterChef‘s Grand Final (to be confirmed).

UPDATE: ABC1 now moves the show to 8pm Thursday July 26th. Just sayin…..

Just in time for the London Olympics, Eddy and Patsy return – and they’re running for glory…

Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley) are well known for having their fingers on the pulse of the nation.

So as the sound of the approaching Olympiad reaches decibel deafening proportions it’s a surprise for Eddy to find that the games are imminent.

While Saffy (Julia Sawalha) has been in Africa, Edina and Patsy have had trouble keeping it together. The house is a pig-sty but worse still Stella McCartney has barred Edina from her shop.

Things can only get worse…

The Hollywood Legend that has rented her house is due at the door any minute so the place is turned upside down. Patsy tries to get into Eddy’s body-suit to look suitably great for the A listers, with disastrous results. Warning: Patsy now needs incontinence pants.

Eddy feels that doors are closing on her, that age is catching up with her, that invitations are not coming her way anymore. Then to add to Eddie’s depression Bo and Marshall (her ex-husband played by Chris Ryan and his US girlfriend played by Mo Gaffney) unexpectedly arrive to stay for the Games.

However, a stroke of good fortune brings Edina to her idol and a passing interest in the Olympics.

Somehow before the flame has been lit they will end up running for glory inside the Olympic stadium and crash a reception for the likes of Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, Dame Kelly Holmes, and Stella McCartney herself.

As unmissable as the Olympic 100m final, but longer and funnier.

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