Airdate: Bindi’s Bootcamp

This Saturday Bindi Irwin new series on ABC3, Bindi’s Bootcamp, begins.

Filmed at Australia’s Zoo, the series combines adventure challenges and zoology info for a tween audience. If your kids are into shows like Scorpion Island and Camp Orange, or just a fan of Bindi herself, it could be worth checking out.

The series is produced by FremantleMedia which forged a deal to develop shows with the Irwins some time ago.

Australia’s favourite wildlife conservationist, Bindi Irwin, returns to our screens as host of Bindi’s Bootcamp – an action-packed, adrenalin-pumping 26 x 24 minute game show. Set at Bindi’s home, Australia Zoo, 132 teams of two bootcampers have their knowledge, inner strength and stamina tested as they compete in wildlife based challenges with the aim of making it into the Grand Final and named ‘Bindi’s Wildlife Warriors’.

It’s ‘game on’ during each episode as three teams of two (identified by colours – blue, red and yellow) experience up close encounters with wildlife and go head-to-head in three messy and exhilarating wildlife challenges:

1) Zoom Through The Zoo tests the bootcampers’ animal knowledge and is a dramatic fast-paced race through the zoo, where the teams must solve animal challenges and puzzles in order to make it to the finish line first. The challenges include ‘Who’s Who in the Zoo?’, ‘Missing Links’, ‘Animal Blanks’, ‘More of Less’, ‘Map of the World’, ‘Real or Unreal’ and ‘Pouch Basketball’.

Check points are located throughout the Zoo where the teams watch an ‘Ani-mail’ from Bindi which provides clues to the next challenge. But finding the challenges isn’t easy and the teams can by slowed down by the tempting bonus challenges.

The teams are awarded points based on their order across the finish line (First: 5 points, Second: 3 points and Third: 1 point) and for completing the bonus challenge (1 point).

2) Gross Island tests the fears and tolerance of the bootcampers as they face the icky, yucky and gross challenges – ‘It’s Icky But How Many?’, ‘Who The Poo Are You?’, ‘Zoo Memory’ and ‘Deadliest Dinner’. Points are awarded to the teams based on how correct their answers are and the team placing third is eliminated.

3) Dangerous Dash is an adrenalin-pumping obstacle course featuring the gigantic seesaw, the spinning bush balance, mud mangle, feisty croc pit, shaky forest floor and the climbing wall. This challenge tests the bootcampers’ physical stamina with the first team that completes the course named the winner.

The teams with the nine highest scores across the series reassemble for the Semi-Finals (starting on Saturday, September 22) with the top three teams moving on to the Grand Final (Sunday, September 29). The winners of the Grand Final take home the ultimate title of ‘Bindi’s Wildlife Warriors’ as well as a wildlife experience with Bindi and her family.

Let the adventure begin!

Saturday, July 7th at 5.00pm.

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  1. Maev....Sydney

    She is growing into such a lovely young woman….
    Nice to see pics of her dressed in feminine outfits instead of the constant khaki look… can still be a wild life warrior and look pretty.

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