Airdate: Fairly Legal

US drama Fairly Legal begins on Seven next week.

It stars Sarah Shahi (The L Word) as a woman who changes her profession from lawyer to mediator and works at the law firm her father started in San Francisco.

The series began in 2011 on the USA Network and a second season has aired this year.

It’s mediator Kate Reed’s first day back at work at Reed & Reed following the death of her beloved father, the law firm’s founder. But unfortunately for Kate, there’s not much time for mourning: with Teddy Reed gone, Reed & Reed is under fire, and Kate’s conflict resolution skills are needed more than ever.

It begins 10:15pm Tuesday July 10th.


  1. Like it (and her), more of the independent quirky characters again. Think The Mentalist, The Finder and now Fairly Legal. She runs around with Step Mum in tow always three steps ahead. Cool.

    That scene at the end with her coming out onto the deck of her boat in only a singlet!!! what was the director thinking? Ratings Dude. Brilliant Ya don’t think all the boys are hooked.
    The Shire and all those other shows have nothing on that scene.

  2. Seems like a bad timeslot for their target audience. It’s the type of show my mum would probably like but there’s no way she’ll be watching at the timeslot

  3. @bearnmouse

    Yes there is a season 2. Started in March and just ended last month. Its a good series and looking forward to watching it again.

  4. Yay yay I saw a few of these when I was in the states and its great. I hope it makes it to season two as Aussie actor Ryan Johnson joins and he is hot! Actually just start from Season 2..ok just kidding.

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