Airdate: I Will Survive

TEN has announced the premiere dates for its new talent search I Will Survive.

The show will screen at 7pm Wednesdays and Thursdays from August 22nd.

The FremantleMedia show is hosted by Hugh Sheridan and features a number of guest female mentors.


  1. I have no idea who this show is supposed to appeal to? Show choirs and Broadway lovers / devotees are hardly thick on the ground in Australia, the men aren’t going to be ‘bad boy sexy’ enough for any women to get all hyped about it, their key demo couldn’t possibly be interested in singing, dancing and forced drag queens.

    I really don’t get what they are trying to achieve with this one.

  2. It’s something that didn’t appeal to me especially when i heard the prize had been reduced to next to nothing but having seen the promo’s on ten it looks like a lot of fun so i will now give it a go. i agree the 7pm programming slot is becoming a bit annoying. why can’t all networks go back to having shows from 7pm-7.30pm then 7.30pm-8.30pm.

  3. This looks absolutely terrible and the ads are embarrassing. Feel sorry for Hugh Sheridan. Another turkey for Ten to go with Bingle and The Shire. And Don’t Tell The Bride, well looks just as bad. Ten is beyond help now. Their programming department are clueless.

  4. Those are very odd times and days to be programming this. 7pm has always been the spot for a 5 night stripped program, not irregularity.
    I guess it’ll change times soon enough before being cancelled or shifted to ELEVEN.
    I do not see this show being a success at all. It would have been better suited as a show on Foxtel, perhaps Arena or Max where it will get the low numbers I expect. It doesn’t look like this show was too expensive to make, so I don’t think TEN will care too much if/when it flops.

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