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UKTV premieres Stella, a comedy drama written by and starring Gavin & Stacey’s Ruth Jones.

Next month UKTV premieres Stella, a comedy drama written by and starring Gavin & Stacey’s Ruth Jones.

There are 10 episodes of this and it has been renewed for a second season.

The fictional town of Pontyberry in the South Wales Valleys is home to Stella Morris – a 40-something divorcee with three kids and an ironing business. Stella’s eldest child, Luke, is in prison. But he’s a lovely boy really and woe betide anyone who says otherwise. Emma is 16, gorgeous, lazy and in love, while Ben, the 13 year old brains of the family, has a natural inquisitiveness that sometimes gets him in trouble. When Emma reveals she’s pregnant by boyfriend Sunil, Stella’s world gets tipped upside down. Because for Stella, it is an awful repeat of her own history. She fell pregnant with Luke when she was only 16 and the dad did a runner before the baby was even born.

While following the ups and downs of Stella’s life, the series meets her odd-ball friends and relatives. Sister in law Paula( Elizabeth Berrington) is a functioning alcoholic funeral director with an incredibly vast appetite for sex and a loving husband, Dai (Owen Teale), who thankfully, shares that appetite. Karl, Stella’s ex-husband, is a good dad to Emma and Ben, but let’s just say Ben didn’t inherit his intelligence from him. Karl left Stella a few years ago for Nadine – a woman who shares his interests, i.e. tanning. Then there’s Alan, the lovesick lollipop man who’s had a crush on Stella since 1984.

Stella wrings the love and laughter out of everyday life without ruining the fabric. It creates a world in which millions live but peoples it with characters you would love to bump into – a heartwarming andentertaining evocation of everyday life.

Saturdays at 7.30pm, from August 4.

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