Airdate: The Shire

TEN has surprisingly announced the launch for The Shire, its “dramality” series set in Sutherland Shire that has created plenty of chatter already.

It will air at 8pm on Monday July 16 -significantly ahead of the Olympics and the upcoming Big Brother.

The move hits back at suggestions the show was being quietly dumped.

Last night TEN rolled out a glam promo touting “real people, real stories” with sexy surfer boys and girls.

The cast features Gabrielle, 20, direct sales assistant; Tegan, 24, singing teacher and waitress; Andy, 22, electrician; Nikee, 20, model; Mitch, 23, stonemason; Kerry, 26, restaurant manager.

TEN says the series “follows the lives and loves of a group of young Australians who are destined to become some of the most talked about people in Australia. Now you can meet the hot surfers, the vivacious models, the girls next door, the on-and-off couples, the loveable rogues, and the entrepreneurs who are set to become household names. From their hectic social lives to problems with work and family, The Shire will leave no stone unturned. These are real people, this is real drama, and The Shire is sure to become real addictive!”

TEN’s David Mott, said: “It’s fun, it’s feisty and it can’t be stopped. The Shire will be a show that captivates, amuses and dare we say astounds audiences. Some will love it, some will hate it, everyone will want to watch it. July 16, 8pm, get ready for something you’ve never seen before on Australian TV.”

UPDATE: TEN had also issued an amendment that a second episode would air on Thursday 19th at 8pm, both eps half hour in duration, but since retracted this. Whether it is an error or too much info to rivals is unclear….


  1. Can’t wait for this. I think Ten deserve a lot of credit for taking a risk on a new genre. God knows we don’t need another bloody singing/dancing show.

    I will certainly be watching

  2. I thought this would work better on ELEVEN.

    I would watch it as I like trashy shows, its my guilty pleasure. But I watch The Amazing Race.

  3. When this sinks in the ratings, it will go to the time slot that is now used for Bingle, because Bingle will be dumped. Then this will be dumped pretty much for the same reasons as Bingle – because it’s just pure crap …….

    Channel ten has a good reputation for rubbish reality tv …. Yasmines getting married, Big Brother, Idol … these 2 will follow in their footsteps …….

  4. It’s the right strategy from TEN, imo. Love it or hate it, more trashy MTV style reality programming is what will probably work. I’d even suggest they bring back Taken Out.

  5. Looking forward to this show, especially the hot surfer guys.
    And what’s happening with the show Class of 2011 (saw a preview of that show last year, during the Masterchef finale). Is that starting soon?

  6. Secret Squirrel

    “…everyone will want to watch it.”

    Not true, altho’ I suspect that with an IQ greater than 100, I’m out of the target demo.

  7. I’d say the success of being Lara Bingle probably would have promted them bringing this to air. I’ll check it out if it dosn’t clash with too many other things.

  8. “Real People. Real stories” says the promo. Yet it’s a fake shoot promo with no insight into who these “real” people are or what their “real stories” are.

    People watch these shows for the characters. Ten better start showing clips from the show and sell us on these people real quick. This promo does nothing.

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