Andrew de Silva wins Australia’s Got Talent 2012

R&B singer Andrew de Silva has won Australia’s Got Talent 2012.

The former CDB vocalist defeated Tassie country rock band The Wolfe Brothers -both performed original songs in the Seven talent series.

De Silva was a hot favourite to win the $250,000 cash.

“It was just an amazing moment. This is all a dream… I feel amazing. It’s just such a beautiful way for it to come to an end and in a way it’s actually a new beginning,” he said.

Of The Wolfe Brothers he added, “I was so happy to be up there with those guys, I have much so respect for them. It’s real music as well, so for both of us to be up there together is incredible and such a positive achievement for original Australian music.”

The 2 hr+ finale opened with a spectacular medley of all 8 grand finalists: including dance troupe Kookies and Kream, quick change artists Soul Mystique, singer/songwriter Joe Moore, acrobatic group Odyssey, beat boxer Genesis and stripper Dylan Yeandle as well as favourites from throughout the series.

The show also gave away $10,000 to a viewer-voted act plus 2 cars to home viewers.

Despite the talented acts and an impressive “Decider” finale, Australia’s Got Talent has struggled this year largely due to heated competition from The Voice.

In its early audition episodes viewers did not connect with the acts while they were distracted by Nine’s new talent show. That made it a long haul for the series, complicated by its elongated finals rounds.

Nevertheless, the show still stumped up with some impressive acts.

In a ratings showdown with MasterChef, Seven’s talent show has one more challenge to come: today’s ratings results.


  1. So, not only is undressing considered a “talent” but it’s also a grand final-worthy talent? It just goes to show integrity (or lack thereof) of the show and their desperation for ratings.

  2. I too knew De Silva would win due to Ch7 promotion! I would have liked another act to win, since he is a prior “talent”! I would have preferred newer unfounded talent like Wolfe Brothers or Soul Mystique! I feel AGT is “rigged” so they get the outcome they want!

  3. Only periodic viewing needed for these shows now Channel 7 have set a pattern in the last few years where regardless of all the sugar coated BS fed to the audience about how the judges think an act will go all the way,truth is winner is predetermined after the first round and anyone with a little foresight could see Childs,Vigen,De Silva etc were all shoe-ins.
    Not saying there is any cheating but if you keep feeding the Monkeys peanuts they will learn to like them more then beans and clever manipulation of what is normally a less then academic group of viewers will give you the desired result.

  4. Soul Mystique should have won, they are different and a world class act. I also think there should be prizes for 2nd and 3rd, not one person gets the lot. Not fair.

  5. Considering all the extra publicity Channel 7 provided him (appearances on Better Homes & Gardens, The Morning Show, etc.), it was no surprise to anyone Andrew de Silva won.

    • Agreed. It was similar last year with Jack Vidgen. Not to take anything away from de Silva’s talent, but get the network behind your story and it propels the votes. Others received cross-promo publicity but I don’t view the balance as equal.

  6. hushpuppies95

    Yet another singer how boring , under a million for a grand finale is a bit of a disaster, hopefully there wont be another season

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