Bumped: Tricky Business, CSI: Miami, Survivor

Tricky Business has been given the bump by Nine programmers to yet another timeslot.

Next week it screens at 10pm Wednesday, its fifth timeslot in ten weeks. Next Monday at 8pm, Nine screens a movie, Spiderman 3 (2007).

Any future for the new drama is now considered a long shot. Nine was always nervous about launching the show in a 9:30pm slot (it sometimes ended close to 11pm) but tried to give it a big lead-in with The Voice. But without the huge lead-in the show has struggled.

Meanwhile, Nine has hauled in The Voice (US) into its early weeknights from next week.

This also means CSI: Miami is out, while Survivor moves from 10pm to 10:30pm.


  1. I know it’s still a few days to go but my EPG has Tricky Business on WIN at 8pm Monday but on Nine it’s Spiderman, no listing at all for Tricky Business on Nine.

    It appears to be Tricky Business to find the show now.

  2. @ Rayne I find repeats damage a brand (show)! Mentalist repeats are on too much with the 4th season ending! They have a repeat after the finale and ahead of Tricky on Wed @ 9pm!
    Ch 9 Big bang theory, Csi & Mentalist repeats! I don’t know how ppl can watch them over & over. Especially with new eps playing or on & off or out of sequence!

  3. Playing Musical Chairs with it’s time slot was not going to do it any favors.

    Maybe They could have put it on a Tuesday at 9pm and moved the latest 2.5 men to another night to save it.This is so like Nine put on the US Comedies which are cheaper to import in at the expense of local drama.

  4. The reason Ppl aren’t watching CSI Miami is it keeps moving time slots & days!
    Just finish the final series Please! There is 5 to go!!

  5. @Bella- Exactly. Why bother to watch it on Nine when it’s going to be on GEM for the rest of the week? Midday yesterday, e.g. How many more times, plus the weekend?

  6. “Nine was always nervous about launching the show in a 9:30pm slot” – your words or Ch9’s David? No matter what preceded it, any drama but perhaps Aussie light drama is destined to fail at 9.30pm. The younger people don’t watch TV so much while many older viewers either tape or don’t watch it as it’s a school night.

  7. Secret Squirrel

    Nine only have themselves to blame. It was a dodgy concept to start with and, from the tiny bits I’ve caught on ads, not very well executed, but with better treatment might have done a little better.

    Giving it “a big lead-in” presumes that its likely demo will match the preceding program – The Voice / Tricky Business?, I think not much. And who’s bright idea was it to start it a bit after 8pm? That killed any chance it might’ve had. Note to commercial network programmers – this is not the US; you can’t just assume that what works over there will do so here.

    @djwatford – Rush, the modern police drama that was on Ten or Rush, the historical police drama that was on ABC?

  8. It’s about time Nine appointed a Head of Drama and started treating the genre with the respect it deserves. Every step of the TB journey has looked like a car crash, inevitably ending up like this – everyone injured.

  9. jezza the first original one

    The treatment of TB from the start has been a joke and virtually everyone who comments on here has stated that it would fail. I just don’t understand how highly paid programmers can keep their jobs when ‘us’ amateurs are constantly smarter and better at the job than they are.

  10. bettestreep2008

    Oh come on now.

    Instead of the millionth repeat of TBBT or 2.5 men – can’t they put Survivor on GO or Gem at a reasonable hour???

    Is it any wonder so many people download these shows instead of waiting months for them to screen here and at pathetic timeslots!

  11. I knew this would not last in the 8pm slot, ridiculous time for a one hour program to start, and TEN learnt that the hard way earlier this year, even though so many people said that starting on the hour was a failure waiting to happen.

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