Emotional story overwhelms The Project team

It was an honest moment of television last night as three of the four presenters on The Project were in tears following a story on Emma Rathie and the ‘bucket list’ she has made with her young son.

Carrie Bickmore, Chrissie Swan and Nicole Livingstone were all in tears after watching Emma and her son Blake fulfilling some of his “reverse bucket list” dreams.

In January Emma Rathie was given 12 months to live. Together with her 12 year old Blake they created a bucket list of experiences Blake wanted to share with his mother before it was too late.

The Project filmed the Queensland pair at Blake’s first visit to the snow in Falls Creek.

“I’ve had the best time ever with my mum these holidays, I’ll have these memories for years to come,” said Blake.

The good news story by impacted on The Project team, especially for Carrie Bickmore whose partner Greg passed away in 2010.

“It’s an incredible message that she’s given..,” she said.

Host Waleed Aly had to hold the fort while those around him were understandably struggling for words.

Bickmore’s own honesty is part of the reason that viewers have warmed to her and it was a moment that obviously moved mums Chrissy Swan and Nicole Livingstone.

You can see the bucket list story here.


  1. Probably the best moment I have seen on TV this year. I was already in tears watching the story but when they cut back to the hosts I was a mess. The poor mother going through that and yet she still was making sure her son got his wishes.
    I agree the Project is much better than ACA and TT. I wish channel 10 would bite the bullet and pay Chrissie Swan whatever it is she wants to get her back on air regularly. She just makes me laugh and seems like such a lovely person. They could retire Charlie Pickering and I wouldn’t mind.

  2. The girls weren’t the only ones in tears, it was a very moving segment. It was truly astonishing to see all 3 of them crying.

    I love the Project, have been watching it since its inception. Its main drawback is the domination of Dave Hughes, we could do with a lot less of him. Nevertheless I’d be devastated if TEN pulled it.

  3. Have to make mention of what a excellent job Waleed Aly did. He was so compassionate and sincere, realising quickly that Carrie was too upset to carry on.

    I certainly felt for Carrie. Terribly difficult.

    I, like so many others, am baffled why The Project doesnt rate better. It’s a great show.

  4. Have to agree with all comments. I I have never watched ACA or TT since The Project started . Last night was very raw TV. If Chrissie wanted to get back on TV, this show would be a good fit for her. Ten late news with Angus Stone was also great viewing. I highly recommend everyone to try and get holld of it. Angus still lives in a tin shed and is the most earthy guy.

  5. “seeing this type of raw emotion was heartbreaking.”

    Yes. That’s why I changed the channel when this story came on. Not interested in watching upsetting television after work. Sorry.

  6. Maev....Sydney

    I do not normally watch The Project or anything much early in the evening…but did watch the last half half hour last night….and yes…that story had the same effect on me….felt so sorry for Carrie….must have been a hard ask….she is not on tonight….
    And I have turned off…that Leemo guy…or whatever his name is …bugs me.

  7. I have to agree with all the comments. The story was touching and seeing this type of raw emotion was heartbreaking. I agree 100% with ryaneco, this show is so much better than the other 2 options.

  8. The Project doesn’t have a large audience, but it certainly has a very loyal audience. My heart aches for Carrie whenever there is a story like that on the show.

  9. @matricite couldn’t agree with you more. Why aren’t people watching this amazing show? I can’t believe Australian’s haven’t turned their back on the garbage fed to us by ACA and TT.

  10. This is why this show is #1 in my mind. It was an extremely moving story. The crap TT and ACA are trolling to us each and every night is ridiculous compared to this. They need stopping.

  11. Unlike ACA and TT, they’re stories are soo boring and dull and its about the same thing over and over again and quite frankly, I loose interest so easily. The Project still discuss the news in a fun environment but yet brings every hard and true debates (especially when Steve Price is there). Last night segment about Emma Rathie was a perfect example of what the Project really is. Seriously, I agree with @ryaneco about how the Project should receive a much higher ratings then what they are getting now.

  12. Agree with these other comments. This is a worthwhile show which hopefully will enjoy greater ratings success soon – as long as the geniuses behind Breakfast & the Bolt Report don’t get their hands on it. Keep up the good work, project team!

  13. Quite a touching moment and really shows that this program is leaps ahead of the other current affairs crap on at the moment. Real stories with actual relevance.

    Speaking of emotional news television, ten late news (which is becoming such a fantastic program) did a moving segment the other night about suicide and presenter Brad McEwan discussed his own tradegy of losing his father and brother to mental illness. Like last night’s Project it was emotional and well handled.

  14. It was a very moving story. This positive and informative stuff is what we all should be watching rather than stuff that induces fear and is divisive.

  15. Great story David! When I watched it I too was in tears, and again when I read this story. I agree with the first two posters. I don’t know why people persist in watching the same old recycled stories about “the town that lost 1000kg”, “the dodgy meat additives” and the never ending rubbish that “no parent should miss”, on ACA and TT. And I think Carrie makes this show, her sense of humour as well as her honest, sensitive side are what connects her to the viewing audience. And I am always delighted to see Chrissie on the panel. She is genuinely funny and super smart. The only shame is her visits are all to infrequent.

  16. daveinprogress

    Thank you for posting this item, David. I did not see it, but it reiterates why Carrie, and Chrissie before her were Gold Logie nominees. What you see is what you get, and viewers respond to that. Carrie has let her heart show on many occasions, and she is a great contrast to the sensitive but oh so cerebral Charlie. Dave, well, i don’t dislike him as i once did, but he doesn’t do it for me. Waleed is good value too, as Nicole is on each appearance.

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