Executive Producer quits TEN’s Breakfast

EXCLUSIVE: Majella Wiemers, Executive Producer on TEN’s struggling Breakfast programme, has resigned.

She will finish with the show on Friday.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Majella has worked tirelessly on Breakfast and she leaves with TEN’s thanks for her hard work and commitment.

“Her successor as Breakfast EP is Sarah Bristow, who was her deputy.”

Her resignation follows the exit of Andrew Rochford on Friday.

Rochford was the first of three hosts announced for the show last August, but in recent weeks his role diminished. He is well-regarded within TEN and continues on other programmes, including The Project.

After the announcement of Rochford last week come commentators likened the change to “shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.”

Many readers of TV Tonight remarked that it was the high-profile Paul Henry who should have left the show, rather than Rochford.

The controversial Henry was appointed by Lachlan Murdoch in a million dollar deal.

TV Tonight understands internal network research has since given management a detailed understanding of how Henry lacks resonates with audiences, yet he continues with Breakfast.

Since launching in February Breakfast has struggled to perform in the crowded morning television market, hovering around 30,000 while Sunrise and Today chart over 300,000.

TEN maintained it was entering the breakfast market “for the long haul.”

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  1. What! TEN has a breakfast show?
    I thought it was ‘The Henry Hotline’, which he dominates, he doesn’t like letting anyone else speak!

  2. To be honest, I only ever watched for Dr Andrew. Does the Australian public really need 4 free-to-air ‘Breakfast’ programs? (7, 9, ABC and 10?)

  3. People you have it all wrong, Paul Henry is the show,we watch it(we may be the few who do) whatthe problem with the show is the light weigh co-presenter Kathryn why is she there, contributes very little, the weather girl Magdelena, we think she is there to get paid to wear manufactures clothing, see really looks uncomfortable working with Paul, they drag back the old newsreader,could they not find someone contemporary, moving on Andrew Rochford was a good move he is just a try hard and will never make it on TV, needs to stick with the profession that matters, medicine

  4. as a kiwi ‘TVTimes’ id argue australia is actually decades behind new zealand when it comes to tv, sunrise, masterchef and the block are the only shows thats modern tv in australia

  5. .Majella is known in this industry as a great producer and she has been a Senior producer for many many years. Classing her as a weather presenter who has EP’d a show is not an accurate description.

  6. Majella was a good weather presenter but clearly hit a head wind as an EP. Now ten news is being run by ex TVNZ staffers shows like breakfast will always fail because kiwi TV is decades behind us.
    For that show to do well it was going to take more than Majella or her deputy and their minimal experience. Shame. It could have been a contender.

  7. I wish Adam Borland could join Breakfast as an EP which should be a better choice and Andrew Rochford should never have left. It’s Paul Henry that needs to go because he’s got no style and also he’s awful in terms of credibility and Breakfast needs to freshen up especially the set which is awful. Breakfast is currently what Sunrise was 10 years when Sunrise had no promotion and the rating was around what Breakfast has now below 100,000. For Sunrise it took a year and half to the success they have now and for Breakfast to be like Sunrise they have to get rid of the current set plus hire personalities with credibility and my idea is to get Hamish MacDonald and Carrie Bickmore to present the show or Sandra Sully and Brad McEwan would be my ideal host. Also I hope Adam Borland’s contract with Seven is up and Ten can nabbed him over. Whatever Ten good luck either you succeed or either you go to hell.

  8. When is it decided that enough is enough and its time to call it quits?It seems when other shows have no success they are thrown on the scrap heap after a couple of weeks.So how long can Breakfast continue like this.There must be a cut off point

  9. I actually must be the only person in the world that likes Henry. I dont think he is the problem at all.

    I think that doll that sits next to him brings nothing. I dont think the weather women does either. They are so boring, so sydney…….no personality.

    Whoever decided the set should never work again in TV.

  10. Murdoch should be ashamed of himself..he brings over to our screens a failed New Zealand right winger who always thinks he’s funny.He is awful to watch and he has no chemistry with anyone he speaks to.Murdoch should refund Channel 10 the 1 Million dollars he paid to Henry.
    The only thing I fear is that Rinehart and Murdoch will get Andrew Bolt to host breakfast as a replacement.

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