Gallery: Reef Doctors

TEN’s new drama series Reef Doctors, starring Lisa McCune, is getting closer.

Set on the Great Barrier Reef, the 13 x 1 hour family adventure drama is produced by Jonathan M Shiff Production (The Elephant Princess, H2O Just Add Water, Lightning Point, Ocean Girl).

McCune, who is also a co-producer, plays Sam Stewart, an accomplished doctor on the remote Hope Island.

Together with her team she looks after the residents of all the neighbouring islands, as well as the holidaymakers and thrill seekers who visit the area.

Sam is also a single mother with a free spirit and a determination – who has an unusual hobby: venom.

The cast also includes Rohan Nichol, Matt Day, Richard Brancatisano, Tasneem Roc, Andrew Ryan, Susan Hoecke, Rod Mullinar, Kristof Piechocki, Justin Holborow and Chloe Bayliss.



  1. Agree so much Tomo. Getting so tired of the Claudia Karvan, Vince Colossimo, Kat Stewart, Todd Lascance, Rodger Corser, callan Mulbey crowd being in everything.

    JMS is a great producer. The one thing im not liking is the title. ‘Reef Doctors’ is so Ch9.

  2. I have barely heard of any of the cast before, which is great, about time we got some new people in and no reusing the same old people.

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