Gone: The Finder

TEN has pulled The Finder from its schedule, effective immediately.

The show was not performing well on Monday nights, this week with justĀ 354,000 viewers.

No word yet if it will reappear on ONE or ELEVEN.

Next Monday July 23 at 9:30pm, TEN screens -yep, you guessed it- anĀ NCIS: Los Angeles repeat.


  1. Didn’t realize TEN had pulled this show as I’d been watching it else where since it was on a while ago in the US and this is yet another example why I haven’t trust local networks for a long time.

  2. Great Show, was really getting into it. Good Cast,
    Then Nada. That’s what we should call TEN.
    Far from it, more like a Zero.

    As I’ve said before a Patrick Jane quirky kind of guy, gets in peoples faces, funny, hot FWB co-star.

    Will we get to find out if they invoke Clause 13? on each other.

  3. Ten’s really gone down the tube since dropping Monday’s Good News Week followed by Cleveland Brown later Cops and Outrageous Fortune.Something needs to be done to win back the lost market who in the absence of decent SBS Comedy Night Offerings have practically unless they love their crime shows have nothing to watch anymore.

  4. Thank the tv gods for that! This has got to be one of the poorest excuses for a tv series in a long while. ” I find stuff” woah so exciting.

  5. Maev....Sydney

    I was going to watch this show…it seemed to be something I would like….glad my better instincts took over…..cannot trust any series …on any network to be on the same day…same time and run its course….sad but a fact.

  6. I’d much rather watch a mildly amusing new episode of The Finder, knowing it has been cancelled, than yet another rerun of an NCIS.
    I always feel cheated when the EPG doesn’t show that a programme is a repeat and then when I sit down to watch it, it is.
    Bah humbug.

  7. As if that is going to rate any better! I was enjoying this show, it had it’s moments. I’ve seen all of the NCIS:LA eps so Ten you have lost me on Mondays now.

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