MasterChef: and then there were 5

24 year old NSW physio student Kylie Millar was eliminated from MasterChef, just days before the season finale.

Millar’s Nougat Glace dessert at a challenge at Guillaume at Bennelong, at the Sydney Opera House, was enough to see her eliminated from the competition.

Head Chef Guillaume Brahimi discovered her dessert was way too sweet and the mixture had curdled
due to overwhipping of the cream with the eggs. The MasterChef judges were also disappointed and voted for her to leave.

But Brahimi offered her a position on his pastry staff.

“My highlight was Jamie Oliver,” she said of her time. “It was just incredible. He’s an amazing guy. I knew that’s what I wanted to do the rest of my life. Working with Adriano and Andre was just incredible as well, and meeting those pastry chefs I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The thing I will take away from MasterChef is the friendships along the way, and the comments from the judges tonight were really encouraging. I want to go out there and immerse myself in the world of pastry.

Five more remain in their quest to win, with contestants being eliminated each night: Andy, Audra, Ben, Julia and Mindy.

The series ends on Wednesday on TEN.


  1. I was also sad to see Kylie go and a little disappointed that the judges weren’t harder on Audra. Kylie was a key hand in helping Audra get through her almost disastrous dessert and it sort of felt like this was brushed over. The desserts were a much harder challenge compared to some of the other dishes served up last night, particularly Julia’s scallops – she basically had to sear them and then hand them over to Guillame for plating up. Hardly fair.

  2. See astually was offered Work experience, even though it sounded like she was offered a job:

    How has life on the outside been so far?
    Really cool, actually! Since being out and about I tried to jump into a kitchen straight away, so I went and did some work experience with Guillaume at Bennelong, and then I went down to Melbourne with Darren Purchese in his little place, which has been great. I’ve absolutely loved it.

  3. I’m not a massive follower of Masterchef but what I have seen makes me sad to see Kylie go. A brilliant talent and a great personality to match. I’m glad that Brahimi offered her an opportunity.

  4. I am so glad Mindy didn’t get eliminated last night, she is most probably the best cook in the competition at the moment and is the hot favourite to win as well as Audra! I think most would expect them two in the finale with either Ben, Andy or Julia, at this stage, probably Andy.

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