Nine scores as 2.6m watch Qld win State of Origin

Ratings: Nine pulls a whopping 2.62m viewers as NSW goes down in Origin, with 1.18m in Sydney alone.

For the second time this week Nine pulled an event audience over 2.6m viewers, with a whopping 2.62m viewers watching Queensland defeat New South Wales in the State of Origin decider.

Nine enjoyed a huge 38.3% share over Seven’s 23.5% and TEN’s 19.6%. ABC was 12.3% while SBS was unaffected with 6.2%.

Nine has claimed the game as the highest rating SOO since the introduction of OzTAM (although strictly speaking, such events were traditionally coded as 1 show, not 3:  last night the Post-Match was 2.32m and Pre-Match was 1.56m).

Nevertheless the numbers were huge. The match pulled 1.18m viewers in Sydney alone, with 866,000 in Brisbane and 406,000 in Melbourne. Elsewhere for the network Nine News was 1.26m then ACA (1.07m), Hot Seat (710,000). In select states Two and a Half Men was 632,000, Big Bang was 324,000. NSW Behind the Blue Wall was 305,000 and The Mighty Maroons was 243,000.

Against Origin it was a predictably tough night for the rest.

Seven News was best for Seven with 1.34m then Today Tonight (1.17m), Home and Away (971,000), Mrs Brown’s Boys (864,000), Australia’s Got Talent (805,000), Deal or no Deal (565,000), Smugglers (454,000) and The Price is Right (323,000).

Despite the competition, MasterChef held ground with 1.25m for TEN as did Offspring on 894,000. TEN News was 774,000, The Project 6pm was 453,000, and House was 373,000.

ABC News again led ABC1 with 907,000 then 7:30 (658,000), Myf Warhurst’s Nice (457,000), Randling (370,000), Qi (353,000), Country House Rescue (298,000) and At the Movies (288,000). Life’s Too Short pulled up short with just 269,000.

SBS enjoyed another good share, thanks largely to the Tour de France Live on 231,000. But it was Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve that led with 273,000.  World News Australia was 206,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels with 324,000.

Sunrise: 331,000
Today: 323,000
ABC News Breakfast: 37,000 / 25,000
Breakfast: 35,000

Nine is currently at 31.1% for the week with Seven at 27.3%.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

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  1. State of Origin gets 406,00 in Melbourne. The AFL could only dream to get those figures in Sydney. @Guy, i agree, AGT need a bit of something. You either give it big event status or dump it. It is too in the middle.

  2. Against State of Origin Mrs Browns Boys held up very well. This is the most funniest show i have watched in ages. To the origin, that could be the last one for Nine in a while and the match was an absolute cracker and deserves every single one of those viewers. The ref’s ruined a great game of football though.

    Good to see Masterchef get 1.25m against Origin too. I watched most of it before recording the last 1/2 hour and watched it later. I think Talent needs a reworking. The show just lacks something. Yes there is some good talent there but needs more oomph.

  3. I don’t watch it but what about Life’s Too Short?

    As for the State of Origin I guess NSW must like watching themselves be beaten.Or do they just hope that this time it’ll be different.

  4. If Nine don’t win the week, it shows how weak the rest of their programming is.

    I would suspect once you add the many people that watched SoO at their mates place or the pub, the actual viewing figures would be much higher. It’s one of those gotchas with the ratings system.

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