Nine wins Block-buster week -just.

Nine won last week due to The Block and State of Origin, but Seven came within striking distance.

As expected Nine won last week, due largely to its blockbuster events The Block finale and State of Origin 3 -but as the bottom began to fall away in its early evening schedule, Nine’s lead should have been much bigger.

Seven did well to come within striking distance of Nine and it’s possible they could edge closer when Consolidated numbers come in later.

Nine Network won with 29.1% to Seven 28.3%, TEN 19.8%, ABC 15.7% and SBS 7.0%.

The Block: The Winner Announced was the week’s top show with 2.97m viewers.

Next for Nine were State of Origin (match: 2.68m). Other brands to perform were Nine News (Sun: 1.57m, weeknights: 1.25m), 60 Minutes (1.28m), Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year (1.18m) and A Current Affair (1.06m).

Revenge (1.45m) was best for Seven then Seven News (Sun: 1.43m, weeknights: 1.3m), Downton Abbey (1.41m),  Today Tonight (1.14m), The Amazing Race Australia (1.11m) and Sunday Night (1.1m).

MasterChef‘s Monday night episode topped TEN’s week with 1.4m viewers. Other TEN brands were Offspring (898,000), NCIS (873,000), Last Man Standing (Mon: 756,000) and TEN News (735,000).

On ABC1 it was Australian Story (1.02m), Death in Paradise (981,000), ABC News (Sat: 978,000, weeknights: 914,000) and Four Corners (851,000).

Tour de France (Stage 7: 330,000) helped SBS ONE to a stronger share last week, then Heston’s Feasts (292,000), Mythbusters (271,000) Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (270,000) and Who Do You Think You Are? (267,000).

Nine’s primary channel won with 23.0% to Seven 21.1%, TEN 14.2%, ABC1 11.8%, SBS ONE 6.2%.

7TWO was 3.9% then GO! 3.4%, 7mate 3.3%, ELEVEN 3.2%, Gem 2.6%, ABC2 and ONE 2.5%, ABC3 and SBS TWO 0.8%, ABC News 24 0.7%.

Nine won all three key demos while TEN came second in 16-39.

Seven won Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ABC bettered TEN on Saturday.

Seven ranked first in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine took Sydney and Brisbane.

There are less than 3 weeks before the Olympics begin.

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  1. David something weird happened with the article because I assume you were meant to say, “There are less than [3] weeks before the Olympics begin.” Yet the three ended up after the State of Origin earlier in the article. Although what can be messed up with computers can also be fixed by them. Just thought you might want to know.

  2. I’m sorry but again with the nine bashing…. It’s event tv and when the other networks have event tv and win the night it’s just the way it goes…rating are confusing to me… 7 win so many nights of the week and yet lose…weird… And considering the sample taken is so small…. Time and time again ratings haven’t proven anything… The only true indication will be when they can ping the digital tv or set top box to see what the viewer is actually watching…with downloading torrents…time shifting…TV’s in pubs and hotels who knows how many are really watching anything…even radio talkback on both fm and am have loyalties to networks and slant things a particular way… To hard

  3. Channel 9 is really pathetic, not only are they trying to muscle in on cooking shows, hope its a flop, but starting The voice US just to try keep their ratings so soon after the Australian one in my opinion is so stupid, don’t they know that people will be fed up with having one thing after another of the same thing, I know I wont be watching it, and I hope people will give channel 9 away even if it’s only for all the repeats and repeats and repeats of everything, hope channel 10 and ABC come really good and start to kick 9 where it hurts most.

  4. Could this be the week that consolidated figures change who wins, especially considering Nine’s success was from shows that you would watch live and that Seven tend to make up about 0.7-0.9% each week.

  5. What about Downton Abbey?

    Nine were lucky they had 2 events on because they would have come a distant 2nd. This week will be interesting. Nine are trying to milk The Voice blind auditions for all they are worth airing the US version but i think it will backfire.

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