Oops. Melrose Place remake back on ELEVEN

Sunday night’s a bitch (it used to be Tuesdays according to the old promo).

Updated: Later this month ELEVEN is set to play the remake of Melrose Place, from Episode 1.

Launching Sunday July 29 , we’re heading back to 4616 Melrose where a whole bunch of new pretty people live beside a pool and sleep with each other. The times have changed, the drama hasn’t.

Kicking off with a few familiar faces and an unexplained death, Melrose Place is again one of the hottest addresses on TV.

10:30pm Sundays from July 29th on ELEVEN.

Update: Who looks like a mug now? Seems I got too excited at the thought of the original having a rerun and not enough details on series numbers were provided. Grrrrrr……


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