Puberty Blues coming in August

TEN unrolled its first promo for Puberty Blues yesterday during an episode of Offspring.

Made by the same producers, it looks hot, and while it has stars playing adults it seems set to make new stars of its younger leads  Asheligh Cummings as Debbie and Brenna Harding as Sue.

You have to love 70s’s period dialogue like “You wanna go round with me?”

The drama will premiere in August, presumably in the post-Olympics battle that is already heating up.

TEN is yet to confirm what it will screen on Wednesday nights when Offspring ends next week.



  1. retrowoman68

    I was 14 when the original movie came out and I think it looks like it may be a good remake I will definetely give it a go. But where’s good old Freida!

  2. I have to say that this looks like the most promising drama to come to channel 10 in years! And the promo was captivating! Best promo from channel 10 I have seen in years compared to the promos its been producing lately.

  3. This does look good, just waiting now for those out there that will nit-pick at every detail that might be wrong given this is set int he 70’s

    Wonder if we’ll see any product placement for the latest Kingswood 😆

  4. Gotta say for such a simple promo for Ten’s
    everybody dance now i’m hooked just for the next bit, looks sexy, awesome hosts, cool song for promo:) Also the shire looks hot! I want that blonde in pink!

  5. What a flash-back for me! In the 70’s I attended the High School they have used for filming. Even the uniforms look the same! Will have to watch it.

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